Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors

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Hangzhou, China
Competitive salary
03 Apr 2020
End of advertisement period
02 Jun 2020
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Full Time

ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center Recruitment Program for “Young Talent Plan”

Recruiting Researchers in Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors

ZJU-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center (HIC) is a world-class and future-oriented R&D center, jointly established by Zhejiang University and Hangzhou government. HIC’s mission is to build an open and integrated international innovation hub that integrates the material sciences, information sciences, and life sciences in the Yangtze River Delta region.

To build a world-class research team, the HIC has launched a new recruitment program: " Young Talent Plan”.

Advanced Semiconductor Research Institute is an innovative research platform at HIC. The institute has advanced cleanroom facilities in the area of wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, device and integrated circuit fabrication, and packaging and testing. Supported by the abudant industry resources in the Yangtze River Delta region, and the R&D capabilities of Zhejiang University, the Institute aims to become a world-class innovation platform and ecosystem.

Research Areas

  • Wide-bandgap semiconductor materials (GaN, SiC, Si-based III-V, Ga2O3, Diamond, AlN, etc.) 
  • Wide-bandgap semiconductor devices (power devices, RF devices and integrated circuits based on SiC, GaN and other materials) 
  • Packaging and testing technology (IC Packaging, module integration and testing technologies related to power devices, RF devices and other devices)
  • Working environment, salary and benefits  
  • Competitive salary, discussed individually 
  • Housing benefits  
  • Start-up research funding of minimum 5 million yuan for 3-years (with possible continuation) 
  • Minimum 150 m2 lab space 
  • One-stop full-range administrative support service 
  • If qualified, can be jointly employed as a dual-appointment faculty member in Zhejiang University 
  • Various provincial and municipal talent policies 


  • Strong research background, strong motivation in academic/technological career. 
  • Have a Ph.D. degree awarded by well-known universities overseas or domestic top universities 
  • Have solid academic background in the field of wide-bandgap semiconductor materials and devices。 
  • Have the ability to conduct research work independently as PI. 
  • Recommendation letters by academicians in the field of wide-bandgap materials and devices or internationally renowned experts will be considered in recruiting process.

Introduction of recruitment for “Young Talent Plan”

In order to further advance the integration of micro-nano scale information, material, and life sciences, HIC will assemble international talent, reform systems, establish innovation mechanisms, and optimize organizational structures. We want to fill our teams of scientists with the vitality to not only be adept at solving problems within China, but also possessing the ambition to have an international influence in their research work.

“Young Talent Plan” follows the following principles:

  • Abiding by Code: We follow the law of talent development and scientific research, in setting up scientific evaluation objectives, indicators and methods, and guiding young researchers to devote themselves to research and pursue excellence; 
  • Reliable Support: Provide selected candidates appropriate support in relation to performance in order to reward forward-looking independent scientific research;  
  • Tailored Plan: Under the framework of the overall scientific research planning of Hangzhou Science and technology innovation center, the candidates of the "Young Talent Plan" can choose their own topics, set up their own projects, prepare their own budgets, and use funds according to regulations; 
  • Educational Introduction: Adhere to the principle of introducing and training young talents, pay attention to the training of young talents of Hangzhou Science and technology innovation center while increasing the introduction of young talents; 
  • Classified Evaluations: According to the characteristics of each discipline, establish a classified evaluation index system and evaluation procedure; emphasis international peer review, application and market orientation of application foundations and market performance; 
  • Objectivity: Accurately carry out talent selection and evaluation, introduce international evaluations; further improve the openness of the "youth talent excellence program," and ensure the independence and objectivity of the evaluation results.

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