UH, Intellectual Property and Patent

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
25 Mar 2020
End of advertisement period
31 May 2020
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Description

Managing the Intellectual Property and Patents Department, supervising the registration of patent applications at the university, following-up on patent marketing and technology transfer operations with companies and industry, participating in management policies and strategies.

The Head has responsibility for:

  1. Supervising the intellectual property unit and supervising the registration of patent applications at the university.
  2. Review the patent disclosure requests (IP Disclosure) and recommend whether they can be registered according to the patent registration rules.
  3. Verify patent applications for priority in registering or innovating in order to support decision-making in registering them in international or regional patent offices.
  4. Determining financial needs from the unit's annual budget, preparing budget recommendations for executives, and managing expenditure from the unit's annual budget.
  5. Legal review of contracts, cooperation agreements and licensing contracts for patents, reviewing the percentage of the university and inventors of licensing contracts and coordination with the relevant law firms to review legal documents related to registration of patent applications and intellectual property at the university.
  6. Provide support to faculty, researchers, and students, as well as scientific departments and colleges, to ensure the application of intellectual property policies and procedures.
  7. Coordination with the offices of patent attorneys in preparing patent applications and registering them with various patent registration offices.
  8. Develop a strategy for patent registration and intellectual property rights and follow up on their implementation.
  9. Follow up on patent and intellectual property laws and their updates, and review amendments to international law.
  10. Supervising patent marketing activities in cooperation with consulting firms for patent marketing, technology transfer, and other government agencies, and assessing their ability to market or their economic viability, paving the way for a decision to continue to be made or to abandon the registration application.
  11. Communication and coordination with industrial partners from governmental and non-governmental agencies in order to cooperate in the marketing of registered innovations and patents.
  12. Creating a database of industrial partners, governmental and non-governmental, to increase opportunities for cooperation in the field of marketing inventions and updating them constantly.
  13. Manage and coordinate negotiation processes with interested parties to purchase innovation rights or intellectual property rights licenses and the university and verify that they are in line with the university's policies and procedures regarding relevant intellectual property rights.
  14. Initiate and implement initiatives to develop services for inventors and researchers, students and members of the faculty, to encourage them to record and market the results of their innovative research.
  15. Organizing workshops to educate the inventors and researchers of students and faculty, and implement initiatives to train and qualify new unit employees.
  16. Submit periodic reports on patent and intellectual property applications to the Research & Sponsored Projects Department and the progress of each case at the global registration offices.
  17. Perform other tasks that are requested by the Director of Research & Sponsored Projects and the Associate Provost for Research.

Minimum Qualification

A master’s degree in information and data management or fields related to intellectual property and patent management and a Bachelor’s in engineering or science or one of the other scientific fields, and the candidate must have a practical background through the work environment in the field of scientific research and development.

Preferred Qualification

Specialized competencies

  1. Familiar with patent procedures and intellectual property protection.
  2. Knowledge of technology transfer and commercialization practices of intellectual property in institutions of higher education and scientific research.
  3. Knowledge of intellectual property laws and protecting various patents.
  4. Knowledge of project management methods and modern methods of leadership.
  5. Fluency in both Arabic and English (writing and speaking) (IELTS score of at least 6.0 is required).
  6. Knowledge of the principles of developing and preparing annual unit budgets.
  7. Planning skills and logical thinking of problems and difficulties.
  8. Advanced skills in using computer applications and database management.

Recommended Training Courses:

  1. Advanced courses in intellectual property management and patent registration.
  2. Courses in international patent, trademark and copyright law.
  3. Courses in technology development and commercial marketing for innovations.
  4. Professional training for a certified licensing professional [CLP].
  5. Professional training in Certified Intellectual Property Practitioner Program [ACIPP].
  6. Professional training for Certified Intellectual Property Managers.
  7. Training course in strategic planning and management.
  8. A training course in the field of institutional leadership and excellence for research universities.

Expected Skills/Rank/Experience

At least 6 years’ experience in the field of intellectual property and patent management and filing of applications with experience in the field of technology transfer and marketing in higher education institutions. Ability to review and analyze patent application documents with patent attorneys, including scientific papers, and elements patent claims in patent applications and other technical correspondence. Take appropriate decisions regarding objections to the patent application from Examiner's Objections, and choose the appropriate countries and international and regional offices to file applications for the protection of intellectual property and patents. The candidate must have knowledge of technology transfer and marketing practices, including intellectual property protection and the ability to direct patent investments on a large scale and practice public relations and communication skills to negotiate technology commercialization processes. The candidate should be well versed in concepts, practices, and procedures for legal objections from patent examiners at global patent offices and ways to appeal their decisions and direct inventors to appeal in coordination with a competent patent attorney. Also, Knowing how to deal with the procedures of the US Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO], the UK Intellectual Property Office [UKIPO], the European Patent Office [EPO], Patent Cooperation Treaty applications [PCT], and the China Patent and Trademark Office [SIPO

Special Instructions to Applicant  

Division Associate Provost for Research

Department Assoc. Provost for Research Office

Job Close Date 31-05-2020

Job Category Management

Salary 12000 to 28000 AED