Junior/Research/Senior/Leading Research Fellow - Institute for Bionic Technologies

Junior research fellow, research fellow and senior research fellow or leading research fellow in the Institute for Bionic Technologies and Engineering

Job Description

The Institute for Bionic Technologies and Engineering of Sechenov University is looking for young highly motivated individuals with a new or recent academic degree in order to work on the project: “Artificial heart, circulatory support system for patients with functional single ventricle, neurostimulation of laryngeal nerves”.

The requirements to perspective candidates:
1. A PhD or equivalent required;
2. Fluent in English;
3. Experience in writing and publishing research papers in journals indexed by Web of Science and/or Scopus.
4. Experience in conducting and developing research independently or in collaboration with a research supervisor;
5. Experience in implementing complex experiments and observations;
6. Experience in collecting, processing, analyzing and generalizing scientific information, best practices and results of experiments and observations;
7. Acquaintance with modern methods and means in planning and organization of research, experiments and observations;
8. Excellent interpersonal communication skills in multicultural and multidisciplinary research teams;
9. Highly motivated for research, ability to work independently and in a team;
10. Striving for continuous self-improvement based on constructive evaluation, self-analysis and learning.

If you are young, energetic and possess these qualities and skills as well as have the necessary experience, we offer you a job in the positions of Junior Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow or Leading Research Fellow according to your qualifications on the following conditions:

1. An employment agreement for one year with an option of prolongation;
2. Accommodation on attractive terms at the University campus;
3. Travel costs compensation (in economy class) from the place of your living to Sechenov University’s location;
4. Reimbursement of Health insurance expenses;
5. A monthly salary depending on your position, qualification and working mode;
6. Support by excellent mentors & professional administration.

The mandatory requirement of your work activities will be publishing papers after conducting scientific research in Q1 journals or with impact factor of not less than 2.5 indexed by Web of Science and/or Scopus.

Sechenov University is the largest educational, scientific and clinical complex that provides various type of trainings for the medical and academic personnel. Plentiful traditions of scientific schools of Sechenov University allow to effectively combine the fundamental and applied researches, experimental and clinical study testing, and introduction of the results into the educational process and clinical experience.

Based on the institutes and departments, there is everything necessary provided for young specialists to warm up their interest in gaining new information as well as to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills, professional growth and career progress. Young specialists will be able to fulfil their potential in the specified fields, which are essential to solution of research and academic priority tasks in healthcare.

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Sechenov University provides equal opportunity for everyone and prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, sex, religion, political and other beliefs.