Project Engineer, Civil

Doha, Qatar
24 Jan 2019
End of advertisement period
28 Feb 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Location Doha, QA      

Department Name Facilities and General Services Department      

College/Department Profile            

Job Purpose:

To ensure the initiated tenders and required specifications for existing and new contracts will achieves the  operational effectiveness for all campus civil facilities.

To ensure the works executed by outsource services providers meet the objectives and specifications of the project.


  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Initiating action
  • Accountability
  • Advocacy
  • Self-Development
  • Compliance and Commitment to Work Ethics


  • Knowledge of related technical standards
  • Knowledge of facilities management
  • Project/contract management
  • Outsource management
  • Budgeting and financial knowledge
  • Project risk management
  • Facilities life cycle management
  • Performance management
  • Knowledge of quality control and assurance 
  • Knowledge of HSE and local statutory requirements
  • Material and resources Management


  • Ability to assess and identify facilities development needs
  • Ability to initiate and plan for the projects and contracts
  • Ability to estimate forecasted cost and prepare and control budget
  • Ability to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks for projects and facilities
  • Ability to evaluate the performance of outsource services providers, projects, contracts, and activities
  • Ability to prepare contract specifications and requirements
  • Ability to manage and control projects/contracts and operational activities
  • Decision making and problem solving abilities
  • Ability to analyze data and generate  reports
  • Ability to lead in emergency situations remaining calm under pressure
  • Ability to interface and communicate effectively with all management, staff, contractors and client team
  • Ability to perform monitoring and quality control activities

Duties & Responsibilities            

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Review and assess annually the status of the ongoing contracts under his/her responsibilities, civil requirements received from University management or end-users, and potential project risk
  • Conduct initial feasibility study for the new projects/contracts
  • Set initial plan and budget for new project under his/her responsibility 
  • Periodically, prepare the plan and budget related data as requested by the management and planning section
  • Conduct initial Feasibility Studies for unplanned projects and prepare request for new project approval
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies
  • Along with the concerned section, review end-user requirements 
  • Identify potential risk, control measures, and mitigation strategies of the new project/contract
  • Conduct detailed feasibility study and cost estimation for new project/contract during tendering stage
  • Prepare tender technical and financial documentation according to the approved guidelines
  • Review bidders queries and clarifications and prepare the technical reply based on the approved tender document
  • Perform technical and financial evaluation based on approved criteria
  • Organize new project kick-off meeting with the awarded contractor and project team
  • Review project programs plan submitted by the contractor with the planning section
  • Ensure the inspection and testing plan submitted by the contractor are in compliance with the required project standards and project timeline
  • Prepare the plan and checklists for project quality control and monitoring activities 
  • Review and approve all submittals according to the project specifications
  • Perform monitoring and following up activities to verify project progress and productivity
  • prepare project change request by forecasting time and cost 
  • Receive RFI and perform inspection on the completed activities to ensure compliance with technical  specifications
  • Ensure invoices received from the contractor comply with payment schedule, financial conditions, and percentage of completed activities. Additionally, identify the penalties and deductions according to the contract conditions and prepare payment request accordingly. 
  • Perform periodical evaluation of contractor according to the approved criteria
  • Verify the status of the completed project, compare with revised scope of work, and ensure all handing over documentations are completed
  • Ensure handing over comments are rectified and review project close out report submitted by the contractor  before releasing the final payment
  • Ensure receiving soft and hard copies for all related document (as built, manuals .etc.)
  • Ensure defects appeared during the warranty period is communicated and handled by the service provider
  • Prepare final completion certificate and  final internal report
  • Maintain physical project documents in the project files as per the approved guidelines
  • Scan and upload all project documents in the electronic archiving system and ensure they match the physical copy
  • Ensure ongoing project documents are maintained and controlled
  • Review and approve the preventative maintenance plan submitted by the service provider
  • Collect, review, and approve the service provider assessment of QU civil facilities for all zones
  • Collect, review, and compile the PM progress report for all zones and update the overall PPM accordingly
  • Ensure the service provider perform the quality control activities according to the approved quality control plan 
  • Perform quality control activities on the handed over works according to quality control criteria and contractual specifications 
  • Keep records of section staff and service provider quality control and inspection results 
  • Upload required data and documents on the facilities database
  • Upload service providers evaluation results on the database 
  • Implement the related part of the quality management system 
  • Attend the quality internal audit meeting and cooperate with the auditors in meeting audit objectives 
  • Come up with corrective actions to eliminate the identified  nonconformance and ensure they are implemented
  • Suggest and participate in quality improvement initiatives
  • Implement the relevant health and safety policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Provide safety related risk data to Health and Safety Section  
  • Implement safety risk mitigation strategy
  • Implement the relevant environmental and sustainability policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Provide environmental and sustainability  related risk data to Environmental and Sustainability  Section  
  • Implement environmental and sustainability risk mitigation strategy
  • Upload related documents according to archiving system
  • Implement internal correspondences process
  • Submit related physical documentation   for archiving
  • Implement the related Facility Conditional Assessment Program (FCAP) and the executive plan 
  • Review and analyze the end-user feedback and take them into consideration in the future improvement plan


  • Bachelor degree in civil engineering 
  • 7 years in managing civil facilities projects