Goat Postdoctoral Research Associate

London, United Kingdom
29 Oct 2018
End of advertisement period
26 Nov 2018
Academic Discipline
Life sciences, Veterinary Science
Contract Type
Full Time

Job category/type Academic/Research

Job description

Postdoctoral candidate in social behaviour, cognition, communication and welfare of goats

My research group is focussed on developing goats as model species for comparative cognition and welfare studies. In doing so, we hope to further an appreciation of the need for excellent animal welfare practices in this and other livestock species. Traditionally, animal welfare research focussed on identifying and preventing poor welfare. However, preventing poor welfare is not the same as providing animals with opportunities to experience positive welfare. Therefore gaining a better understanding of the cognitive abilities of goats and other livestock is critical for progress. I have potential comparative cognition and behaviour PhD research projects, using goats as the model species. The topics are open to discussion, but may include: emotions, social networks, long-term memory and recognition, social learning, personality, physical and social cognition, and vocal communication.

The project will potentially combine behavioural observations, cognition experiments, as well as playback experiments and bioacoustics. All data collection will be carried at an animal sanctuary, using a large number of habituated animals. The successful candidate will need to be able to work independently, as well as working as part of a team. It is extremely important that the successful candidate can maintain our excellent working relationship with the host animal sanctuary.

This is an exciting time for the University; our new GBP 35m state-of-the art library has just opened and we are continuing to develop a number of external partnerships across the globe.

The University of Roehampton offers a vibrant and welcoming community where our students thrive, whatever their background. Our students graduate with a passion for knowledge and the qualities they need to succeed: confidence, adaptability and the capacity to work with people from all walks of life. We are ranked best modern university in London (Complete University Guide 2018).

The University has a beautiful, vibrant parkland campus, is located in the heart of south-west London and offers excellent facilities for researching, learning, teaching and working.

Applicants wishing to apply for Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship, or funding through science foundations in Germany, Switzerland and France (or any others)are welcomed. If interested, please send an email that briefly outlines a research idea, a short CV, and sources of funding that you have identified.


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CV's to be sent directly to Alan McElligott on