Electrician Specialist

California, United States
23 Oct 2018
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23 Dec 2018
Contract Type
Full Time


Employees in this classification are responsible for working on electrical systems and equipment with little technical assistance from a lead or supervisor.  They may at times schedule their own work, determine work priorities, and diagnose problems independently. Work performed may be in existing University buildings or, if permitted, on new construction.  The Electrician Specialist may work on equipment with high voltage ratings but does not work on any of the AC high voltage power distribution systems. 

Employees in this classification may also be responsible for working on various specialized electrical systems and equipment; for example, performing installation, operations and maintenance functions in alarms and control systems and/or electrical cable, and other specialized electrical gear.  Electrician Specialists perform these specialized duties under general supervision rom the Shop Supervisor. Characteristic Duties: 

  • May perform estimates, installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and equipment
  • May at times work alone, or give direction, instruction or assistance to other Electrician Specialist, Electrician Maintenance or other electrical maintenance persons 
  • Splices underground multiple conductor cables used in electrical power transmission systems; troubleshoots and repairs faulty or failed splices; tests conductors for dielectric strength and continuity; cleans, and splices corresponding conductors, and connections 
  • Installs, maintains, or repairs fire alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors, deluge systems, etc.; detects malfunctions of the above by using testing instruments 
  • Services draw-out circuit breakers, tests such circuit breakers
  • Works on electrical power distribution systems under 600 Volts AC
  • May work on control systems and power supplies containing medium or high voltage 
  • Ensures that safety rules are followed 


In addition to the qualifications listed for the Electrician Maintenance, Electrician Specialist must have sufficient experience in a wide variety of electrical work to work independently, without assistance, most of the time and give direction, instruction and support to others.  They must have demonstrated this ability to work independently in previous work assignments at a skill level equivalent to the Electrician Maintenance classification.  Understanding of, and willingness to comply with, electrical and work safety procedures including National Electrical Code & CAL-OSHA Standards. For Electrician Specialist who must possess relevant specialized knowledge according to the area of specialization, they may be required to have experience in electronic controls, relays, switches, and devices including interpretation of electronic schematics; or they may need to be experienced in industrial cable splicing, or other specialized area.  In general, they must have the ability to make repairs on equipment encountered, to diagnose electrical trouble, and to make new installations working on specialized equipment and electrical systems.  This level of knowledge is generally associated with a minimum of 7-8 years of work experience, with several years spent working in an appropriate specialized area, and/or in special training.  Must possess a valid California driver’s license and a good driving record.  Must be available to work overtime and available for callbacks.