Professor/Associate Professor in Anatomy

Nicosia, Cyprus
02 Oct 2018
End of advertisement period
14 Dec 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

The University of Cyprus was officially founded in 1989 and started operating in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, in 1992. Within a short time, the University of Cyprus managed to achieve international recognition through an impressive course of development. Today, it is ranked 64th young university (under 50 years) and #401-500 worldwide by the Times New Higher Education Rankings.

These great distinctions are the result of our dedication to excellence and continuous development. The University of Cyprus managed to stand out and receive awards for the new paths it has opened up in particularly demanding and dynamic contexts of research.

The University of Cyprus becomes better every year; therefore it wishes to attract the best employees.

To this end, the University constantly develops its programs of study and recruits high-caliber staff who will contribute significantly to the design of new curricula, both at undergraduate and graduate level. One of the strategic aims of the University of Cyprus is the further promotion and development of research, in which new staff are expected to play an essential role.


The University of Cyprus invites applications for one (1) tenured academic position at the rank of Professor or Associate Professor in the field of “Anatomy”.

Required Qualifications

The minimum qualifications required for each academic rank can be found at:

Further requirements for appointment depend on academic rank and include: prior academic experience, research record and scientific contributions, experience in teaching and in the development of high quality undergraduate and graduate curricula.

The official languages of the University of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. For the above positions, good knowledge of both Greek and English is required.

Holding the citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus is not a requirement.


The annual gross salary (including   the 13th salary), according to current legislation, is:


(Scale Α15-Α16)

Associate Professor

(Scale Α14-Α15)

Beyond the annual gross salary, all appointees in clinical subjects will receive additional remuneration, 50% for the rank of Associate Professor, and 80% for the rank of Professor, as compensation for the clinical care they provide to patients in public hospitals, on the basis of the provisions of the special agreement between the Ministry of Health and the University of Cyprus. According to the agreement, medical academics are bound by the same provisions as the rest of public hospitals’ medical staff with respect to practicing medicine outside the public hospitals and /or for personal financial gain.

It is noted that, according to Circular 4.8 (, members of academic staff have the right to undertake additional activities such as participating in external research programs, additional teaching, provision of consulting services to the private sector, or entrepreneurial activities, subject to approval by the University Council. The Circular’s provisions do not provide for practicing medicine outside the public hospitals and /or for personal financial gain.

It is further noted that the rules concerning the absence of medical members of Academic Staff are adjusted so that these are aligned to the rules and regulations applicable to public hospitals’ medical staff.

The Cyprus Income Tax Laws of 2002 to 2015 (Amendment) (Article 8, (21) & (23))

The above Laws stipulate the following:

«(21) [Exemption of] twenty percent (20%) of the remuneration from any employment in the Republic of Cyprus of an individual who was not resident in Cyprus before the commencement of the employment in the Republic, or €8,550, whichever is the smallest. The exemption begins on January 1st of the year following the year in which the employment started and, irrespective of this, it applies until the year 2020, regarding employment that started in or after the year 2012, with five (5) years being the maximum time period for which the exemption is granted".

«(23) [Exemption of] fifty percent (50%) of the remuneration from any employment in the Republic of Cyprus of an individual who was not resident in Cyprus before the commencement of the employment in the Republic.

It is understood that:

  • The exemption is granted for ten (10) years of employment in the Republic of Cyprus, beginning with the year of employment, provided the income from said employment exceeds one hundred thousand (€100,000) Euros per annum.
  • This exemption is not granted to an individual who was resident in the Republic of Cyprus in any three (3) of the five (5) tax years preceding the year in which employment started, or to an individual who was resident in the Republic of Cyprus in the year preceding the year in which employment started.
  • The exemption is available in respect of any tax year in which income from employment exceeds one hundred thousand (€100,000) Euros per annum, irrespective of whether the income falls below that amount in any year, provided that when the employment started the income exceeded one hundred thousand (€100,000) Euros per annum and the tax authorities are satisfied that the variations in the annual income are not made for the purpose of obtaining this tax benefit.
  • The exemption provided by (21) does not apply when the exemption provided by this paragraph is applied.
  • The provisions of (ii) apply in the case of an individual whose employment starts on or after the date the Cyprus Income Tax (Amendment) (Nr. 2) Law 2015 enters into force.

Application Submission Process:

Applicants are invited to submit their application and upload the following documents in PDF form, by Friday the 14th of December 2018, at the following link:

  1. Full Curriculum Vitae, based on the sample given below, including, among others: (a) any teaching experience, (b) a brief summary of previous research work (including a complete list of publications), (c) a statement of future research plans, (d) any administrative experience, and (e) a teaching plan of the relevant subject for the School curriculum. The full Curriculum Vitae must be submitted in Greek or Turkish, as well as in an international language, preferably English.
  2. Copy of ID/Passport
  3. Copies of Degree certificates
  4. A letter of interest stating the academic rank or ranks the applicant is interested in, the specialty, as well as the date when he/she is able to assume duties in the event of selection
  5. Representative publications (up to 3 publications)
  6. The names and e-mails of three academic referees, who, upon submission of the application will be automatically notified to provide recommendation letters

Documents 1-5 must be individually uploaded as separate PDF documents

Selected candidates will be required to submit copies of degree certificates officially certified by the Ministry of Education (for certificates received from Universities in Cyprus) or from the Issuing Authority (for foreign Universities).

Applications, supporting documents and reference letters submitted in response to previous calls in the past will not be considered and must be resubmitted.

Applications not conforming to the specifications of the Call i.e.-do not include all the required items/documents as requested via the electronic submission system, will not be considered.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their application has successfully been submitted. Upon successful submission, the candidate will receive an automated confirmation e-mail.

For more information, candidates may contact the Human Resources Service (tel.: +35722894158 /+35722894155), or the Medical School (+35722894352)