BNU Young Scholars Forum

BNU Young Scholars Forum

I. About the Forum

The BNU Young Scholars Forum is intended to help the young scholars from home and abroad to have a comprehensive understanding about the University through such forms as special reports, academic seminars and talent talks, and to attract excellent young scholars who have made remarkable academic achievements and show outstanding potential in innovation and development to contribute to the University’s development. 

Time: December 5-7, 2019
Venue: Main Campus, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

II. Positions and Qualifications

The excellent young scholars less than 40 years who are interested in working with BNU. 

The BNU young scholars come into two types: young top-notch talents and excellent core talents. 

The young top-notch talents in principle should have the academic competence required by national key young talent programs; they serve as assistant professors in overseas prestigious universities; they are extraordinary young talents with influence in their disciplines, fields and industries. Exceptions can be made with the very outstanding talents. 
Excellent core talents should have a doctor’s degree from a prestigious university or experience in conducting postdoc research or working aboard, show exceptional innovation ability and development potential, hold remarkable research results. 

III. Academic Fields 

Humanities & Social Sciences: Pedagogy, Psychology, Chinese Language & Literature, Chinese History, Drama and Film Studies, Foreign Language & Literature, Philosophy, Theoretical Economics, Theory of Marxism, Statistics, Public Administration, Jurisprudence, World History, Theory of Art, Physical Education & Sports, Business Administration, Sociology, Applied Economics, Musicology & Danceology, Journalism & Communication, Science of Library, Information and Archival Management, Archeology etc.

Science & Technology: Geography, Mathematics, Ecology, Biography, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Systems Science, Environmental Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Hydraulic Engineering, Nuclear Science & Technology, Information & Communication Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering etc.

IV. Remuneration 

For young top-notch talents, they will have a professional title of associate professor and above, a yearly pre-tax income of 450-550 thousand yuan (merit pay calculated separately), a research start-up fund of 0.5-5 million yuan, a living subsidy of 1 to 2 million yuan, a post-doc team and a recruitment quota of doctoral students, a well-equipped apartment, and China’s first-rate resources of pre-school age education and compulsory education for their children. 

For excellent core talents, they will earn a competitive pay, and have a research start-up fund and China’s first-rate resources of pre-school age education and compulsory education for their children.

V. Schedule
Date                                Agenda
October 20, 2019            Deadline for registration
October 31, 2019            Deadline for invitation

December 5-7, 2019
December 5, 2019            Registration

December 6 Morning        BNU main forum

  • (Speeches by the University leaders, introduction to the personnel policy and the experts’ speeches, etc.)
  • Visit the campus, the Hall of the University’s History, and the library

December 6 Afternoon    Sub-forums in schools/departments

December 7 Morning    Visit the campuses in Xicheng and Changping Districts respectively

December 7 Afternoon    Departure

Note: Details about the schedule will be notified separately.

VI. Registration

Please get registered by October 20, 2019, and send the Registration Form of the Forum, the Registration List for the Forum and attached materials to the e-mail address of the corresponding school/department (See the attachment). Please title the email in the form of the Scholar’s Name + School/Department + BNU Young Scholars Forum, e.g., “Zhang San + Faculty of Education + BNU Young Scholars Forum”. 

The University will organize experts to conduct qualification examination and academic competence evaluation upon the registered scholars from October 20 to 28, 2019. 

The school/department shall send the letter of invitation to the invitees between October 28 and 31, 2019. 

VII. Travel Expenses

Invitees shall book their flight and hotel. BNU will cover round-trip economy air ticket (cost-based reimbursement no more than 15,000 yuan for international flight and no more than 5,000 yuan for domestic flight) and accommodation (cost-based reimbursement no more than 450 yuan/night) for invitees. BNU will arrange working lunch and dinner during the forum.

VIII. Contact Information 

I. The Office of Human Resources
Contact Person: ZHU Lei (Humanities & Social Sciences) /
CHENG Siyu (Science & Technology) / RONG Tingting
Tel: +86-10-58805406/7971/3055
II. Please see attached for registration materials and schools/departments contact information.

1.    Registration Form of 2019 BNU Young Scholars Forum
2.    Registration List for 2019 BNU Young Scholars Forum
3.    Requirements for Attachment Materials
4.    Schools/Departments Contact Information