Research Assistant, Urban Studies/Town Planning

Job Description

Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies (IREUS) is a university-level research institute established to advance multidisciplinary research in real estate and related fields. The Institute promotes multidisciplinary collaboration and high-impact research on broad real estate issues in relation to finance, economics, urban development, wealth accumulation, demography, and environmental policies.

The Institute promotes excellence in real estate and urban studies through the highest standards of research, education and industry outreach. We endeavour to become the nexus of global knowledge to tackle real estate challenges for Asia and beyond.

The candidate is required to conduct research independently and support research projects on capital markets, urban sustainability and livability, ageing and communities. Candidates who can use advance econometric techniques are preferred. He/she will have the opportunity to develop research skills, domain knowledge and expertise, and contribute to current and future research areas identified at IREUS. The candidate will benefit from exposure to intellectual exchange and networking through international conferences and seminars.


  • A Bachelor’s or higher degree in relevant disciplines from a reputed university, preferably in real estate, urban studies, economic, finance, communication or related fields.
  • A good understanding of quantitative analytical tools and research methodologies
  • Proven ability to manage large and complex databases
  • Proficiency in the use of analytical and statistical software packages such as STATA, Eviews,
  • Familiarity with programming tools (like Python, C+++, and R) would be a plus
  • Sound organizational and data management skills and ability to work under tight time constraints
  • Demonstrate experience in research, field works, and data collection on issues relating to real estate and capital markets
  • Excellent writing skills in both English and Chinese is preferred

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