International Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Programs Trainer

Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic
Apr 05, 2021
End of advertisement period
Apr 14, 2021
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time

Department: Centre for Entrepreneurship (NCE), School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE)
Duty station: Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic
Deadline: 14 April 2021

Country and Program Background:

The Kyrgyz Republic, a land-locked, lower middle-income country, is home to an ethnically diverse population of approx. 6.4 million people. The country’s GDP currently sits at $6.8 billion with a GNI per capita of $1,100. The economy is dominated by subsistence agriculture and extraction industries; however, the unemployment rate remains relatively high, at 7% nationwide. Approx. 25% of the population live below the poverty line, whereas population growth is outpacing the increase in job availability. With 25.7% of the national population aged between 14-28 years old, the country’s unemployment of youth (18-28 years old) is 57.3% . From 2.4 million jobs in 2017, 1.7 million are based on individual entrepreneurship (71%), that contributes 40% of the country’s GDP in 2018 .

For the purpose of promoting opportunities for youth to become self-employed through supporting creative start-ups and initiatives to entrepreneurship and employability skills, The UCA is developing and launching the dedicated Centre for Entrepreneurship (NCE). The Centre is to create a holistic facility for the provision of intense entrepreneurship and business development trainings, business incubation and mentoring programs. The Centre aims to create a sustainable pipeline of new SMEs that have the potential for future growth. The Centre is being established based on the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE). SPCE is one of the three Schools at UCA, that fosters community engagement by offering a wide range of non-degree courses and programs for employment and education skills and qualification, including Startup and Existing Business Development Program to a broad spectrum of participants. It has played an important role in improving the livelihoods and living conditions of people in the remote mountainous regions of Central Asia. 

Position Objective:

The International Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Programs Trainer is a fixed-term project assignment position with a full day engagement. The main objective of this position is to deliver Training of Trainers (TOT) to 5 local (EEU countries) trainers on entrepreneurship, business development and business incubation by adopting and contextualizing best-practices, knowhow, formats and methodology existing elsewhere in the world into the business environment of the Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asian region. The 5 local trainers will in their turn deliver rigorous training on two practical programs in Entrepreneurship and Business Incubations. To ensure the development of a sustainable and growing pipeline of startup projects development and their go-to-market strategy/ MVP validation cycles, the provision of mentoring, follow-up and business incubation services beyond initial training in entrepreneurship with approx. $3,000 seed grant fund to small business, is essential. The 90 students/entrepreneurs and 5 trainers will then jointly create, validate, optimize, track and mentor their progress from idea creation to the first profit generation during the first two cycles of their operations. 

Through the Centre, UCA aims to provide high-quality support and training to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them to establish their business ideas, to understand customer requirements, to gauge market demand, and hence to build sustainable business models. In doing so, UCA will strengthen the MSME pipeline by providing a comprehensive offering of space, infrastructure, intellectual resources, high quality mentorship and access to a network of investors. While the overall objective is to create an environment for business incubation with a successful track record of spinouts, that has a direct contribution to the growth of economic activity in the region, the key performance indicators of the project are # of business plans/startups successfully taken to the market upon Entrepreneurship and Incubation Programs, # of jobs created by entrepreneurs and businesses incubated, $ sales revenue generated by entrepreneurs and businesses incubated.

In essence, the expectation is that participants will be enabled to develop their own businesses and thus become much-needed job creators. In addition to existing in the Kyrgyz Republic technopoles, business upscale programs, the goal is to create a startup ecosystem for business development and a network of international startups with a focus on internationalizing and digitalizing.

The Centre will serve two target audiences: (i) local communities, and particularly youth, in line with UCA’s mission to support regional economic development job creation – particularly in remote mountainous areas, and (ii) UCA students and graduates. In the initial years of the Centre it is expected to focus primarily on serving local community members. The two critical programs of Entrepreneurship and Business incubation are being established as described below. 

Expert Entrepreneurship training. Current entrepreneurship training provided by development agencies and businesses associations in Central Asia is usually of short duration and is often generic in nature. In contrast, UCA’s Centre will develop and provide a variety of training programmes, based on specific need and catering to local demand. Examples under consideration include:

  • Introductory: Entry-level training aimed at those individuals who are interested in the basics of business development. Potential topics include financial literacy, budgeting, business planning, etc. These skills are transferrable and even if individuals choose not to continue in the business education cycle, they will still obtain a valuable skillset which could help support them in securing future employment. (1-month)
  • Entrepreneurship training: A more intensive training that dives into the above-mentioned topics in more detail. Entrepreneurs will also learn concepts of social entrepreneurship as well as more advanced business concepts including leadership and operations to help them start their own businesses or help grow their current businesses. (2-months)
  • Advanced training: This training will be focused on individuals who are interested in entering the incubation programme. It will cover all topics covered previously but will also include more context and will be more strategy focused. It will also offer support in preparation for incubation itself. (1-month)
  • Possible modules of Entrepreneurship Program: Product creation and business modeling; Finance and unit economics; Investment (applying for loans or seeking potential investment); IT & Digital Marketing (IT remote PM, CRM, marketing and export sales/trade platforms and mobile apps); Critical soft skills of entrepreneur (Resilience/EQ, Communication, Agile PMP, Leadership, Business Decision Making). 

Business Incubation Programme. Several incubators are operational in both the Kyrgyz Republic and in Tajikistan. These largely operate on Western models, applying North American and European learning to the Central Asian landscape. In contrast, the Trainer and the UCA Team will draw on the academic expertise of its units, particularly IPPA, to create a contextually-relevant incubation programme that is specifically designed for the needs of its target audience. Entrepreneurs participating in the programme will be mentored by expert staff from the Centre, as well as by a network of business professionals in Kyrgyzstan and the region. The incubation process will also prepare businesses for applying for loans or seeking potential investment. 

  • The incubation programme itself will consist of a 4-month (3-cycles per year) national programme to incubate small businesses (target of 8 ventures of 4 persons each). Participants of the incubation programme will be provided with workspace, mentorship support and networking opportunities to help start viable businesses. Each 4-month cycle will culminate with a “Demo-Day”, in which potential investors will be invited to meet with the aspiring entrepreneurs. Subject to compliance with local laws and taxation regulations, UCA will keep average of 10% equity in commercial ventures incubated at the centre. This will be a potential source of revenue after successful exits.
  • The incubation program may be “mixed-use” or “specialized” with a focus on industries/niches/business models, such as rural/eco/medicinal tourism (professional services, creative industries: HoReCa, fashion, etc.); bio agribusiness (manufacturing, processing, digital marketing, technology, etc.); green economy (environment/clean energy technologies).

Key Deliverables:  

  • Develop Expert TOT for local trainers on Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Programs;
  • Conduct Expert TOT for local trainers on Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Programs;
  • Develop Entrepreneurship Training Program for entrepreneurs (To be developed in collab. with entrepreneurs, other international trainer, local trainers, managers of academic affairs, and Team);
  • Develop a Business Incubation Program (working concept, activities, etc.) for entrepreneurs in collab. with entrepreneurs, other international trainer, local trainers, managers of academic affairs, and Team;
  • Develop a Pre-Incubation program (Possible Pre-Incubation activities include events such as a Startup Weekend, a Business Model Competition, Ideas Dating, Hackathons, as well as a 2-4-week programme to help polish a business idea and develop a pitch, under the guidance of expert mentors).

Reporting Requirements: 

  • Students (% of alumni local trainers satisfied with TOT) evaluation grade not lower than 80%;
  • The successful incubation rate is not lower than 80% (36 out of 45 incubations);
  • Assessment by the Manager of Academic Affairs not lower than 4.0 out of 5.0; 
  • Inception Report (methodology including the training plan, methodology, and work plan);
  • Presentation of the Inception Report; 
  • A final report (on electronic and hard copy);
  • Submission of a draft report of the training including all annexes;
  • An electronic/hard copy of all training tools, presentation, and training material data set; 
  • Attendance sheets of participants, pre and post evaluation;
  • Reports on Entrepreneurship and Incubation Programs.

Planned Activities and Scope of Services: 

  • Development of courses and/within entrepreneurship and business incubation programs;
  • Training of local trainers;
  • Provision of first training cycles and incubation activities;
  • Incubation Program including development of relevant curriculum and teaching materials;
  • International Curriculum Development for local trainers and staff in entrepreneurship training program and business incubation program, (locals, 10 persons – 2 months);
  • In collaboration with other stakeholders the Trainer will develop plans for potential entrepreneurs and businesses from commercial product creation to first profit generation;
  • Support startups through rigorous training program in entrepreneurship and business development as well as business incubation program to grow and prosper;
  • The Trainer will oversee the execution of the project in accordance with the approved Workplan, conduct trainings and developing strategies for capacity building in entrepreneurship.
  • The trainer will oversee professional development of entrepreneurs, development of financial plans and financial forecasts, prepare reports, monitoring the project and oversee development of a strategical plan of 45 incubated business ideas.

Main Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Developing and delivering TOT for local trainers on Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Programs;
  • Develop Entrepreneurship Training Program and Business Incubation Programs for entrepreneurs (To be developed in collab. with entrepreneurs, other international trainer, local trainers, managers of academic affairs, and Team);
  • Develop a Pre-Incubation Program (Possible pre-Incubation activities include events such as a Startup Weekend, a Business Model Competition, Ideas Dating, Hackathons, as well as a 2-4-week programme to help polish a business idea and develop a pitch, under the guidance of expert mentors.) for entrepreneurs in collab. with entrepreneurs, other international trainer, local trainers, managers of academic affairs, and Team; 
  • Support local trainers with organization and delivery of Trainings, pre-incubation and incubation programs for students (e.g., the design of course materials, consultations, etc.);
  • Provide advice directly/through experts for business development of entrepreneurial ventures;
  • Develop and enhance institutional/organisational capacity/ability of target groups through;
  • Training and professional growth of local start-ups and existing business ideas;
  • Mentoring / coaching and on-site counselling;
  • Study tours / masterclasses, exchanging best practice experience in the relevant fields;
  • Organizing expert groups and workshops in collaboration with local entrepreneurs and local government (developing agenda, list of participants for the training workshops, and preparing discussion points, etc.);
  • Drafting workplans, budgets, TORs of programs/trainings, reports, and other project documents (as requested);
  • Showcase and test the developed business incubation program;
  • Guiding business ideas from idea to prototype to market launch;
  • Provide business incubation, acceleration and mentoring services to start-ups and innovators;
  • Provide consultancy support in fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, business incubation, science, technology, and SME development;
  • Report trends in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship related issues;
  • Provide training, HR development, mentoring and other services in these fields;
  • Liaise with international partners and other project beneficiaries to promote the project and training activities;
  • Consistently keeping a record of participation of individuals and other documentation flow both in paper and online (individual plans, examination registers, grade reports);
  • Ensure that the lessons are planned and delivered in a highly participative and interactive manner and responsive to the request and suggestions of the students.

Required Qualification and Experience: 

  • University degree in education, social sciences, Entrepreneurship or related field;
  • At least 5 years of work experience in business development and entrepreneurship;
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in teaching Entrepreneurship;
  • International certifications confirming pedagogical skills;
  • High level of social competences: excellent intercultural, interpersonal communication (inter-personal skills), team work and ability to transfer knowledge to participants; 
  • Flexibility, client-oriented approach, and ability to adjust to change circumstances and needs;
  • Good understanding of the existing business principals, strategies, and legislation in the area of Custom Union, community development and capacity building; 
  • Any experience in conducting trainings and workshops is a bonus;
  • At least 3 to 5 years of experience in sales/marketing and business management;
  • Experience with mentoring and helping take business ideas/startups to fruition; 
  • Experience in providing consultancy support in fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, business incubation.


  • Advanced proficiency in spoken and written English;
  • Knowledge of other Central Asian languages (Russian, Kyrgyz, Tajik, etc.) would be a bonus.


All information, files, documents and reports will be treated in strict confidence and become the property of the UCA project at the completion of the contract.

How to Apply:

Please send us (1) an up-to-date resume; (2) cover letter; (3) A very short technical and financial proposal with a breakdown of the tasks to carry out about how you intend to deliver the assignment (no more than 3 pages for the two combined); (4) Statement of interest and curriculum vitae with at least three professional references; (5) Experience of previously conducting similar assignments (Sample of work with training methodology and work plan) to by 14 April 2021. Please use: “International Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Programs Trainer” as the subject header and indicate how you heard about us.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.