Academic English Senior Lecturer

Hanoi City (VN)
Dec 10, 2019
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Jan 09, 2020
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Full Time

VinUniversity is a newly developed, private, non-profit university in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was established by Vingroup with a mission to be the first world-class, internationally accredited and recognized university in Vietnam. VinUniversity has two overarching goals: to excel in teaching and training; and to produce graduates and research that contribute to developing the key economic sectors of Vietnam.

The formation of the VinUniversity Project is actualized through collaboration of Vingroup with Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania. Cornell provides academic consulting on Management, Engineering and Technology; and Penn focuses on the Health Sciences disciplines. Both Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania are distinguished Ivy League institutions based in the United States of America. Cornell is involved in every aspect of the development of VinUniversity from infrastructure and campus planning to curriculum development and faculty hiring. Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business is providing extensive academic advisement in a variety of areas, drawing from a wealth of faculty expertise at multiple colleges and units at Cornell University. Penn’s medical and nursing schools are functioning in a similar fashion to guide the formation of health science education at VinUniversity and to interface with Vinmec, Vingroup’s outstanding health system which currently encompasses 7 hospitals throughout Vietnam. VinUniversity aims to meet the QS 5-star rating standards and will include the following colleges within the University: a College of Business & Management (including Hospitality, and Real Estate); a College of Engineering and Computer Science; a College of Health Sciences. The University will be an English Medium Instruction (EMI) institution and plans to open for the inaugural class of students in Fall 2020.


Vingroup was established in Ukraine in 1993. Upon its relocation to Vietnam, the venture officially became Vingroup Joint Stock Company in 2012. Vingroup’s mission is “to create a better life for the Vietnamese people.” In 2016, Vingroup was recognized among the “Top 50 Most Valuable Brands in Vietnam” (by Brand Finance magazine). Today, Vingroup is one of the leading private enterprises in Vietnam, operating in eight core business areas including real estate, retail, hospitality, education, agriculture, healthcare, heavy industry (starting with automobile manufacturing) and smart technology. In 2016, education and healthcare became not-for-profit value-based systems.

Pham Nhat Vuong is the founder and chairman of Vingroup, which has $3.97 billion USD in net revenue (2017) and a largest market capitalization value of $13.6 billion USD in Vietnam (2018). Chairman Vuong is a visionary and true patriot of Vietnam and firmly believes that education is the single biggest catalyst that can transform the destiny of an individual, society, and nation. His aspiration is to create a breakthrough in the Vietnamese education sector and to groom the next generation of leaders in the 21st century and beyond for Vietnam. 


The General Education Program is the first home for all students enrolled at VinUniversity as they embark on a nuanced journey of self-discovery in a state-of-the-art tertiary education designed in collaboration with leading universities in the world, top minds in Vietnam and passionate stakeholders. In this sense, General Education at VinUniversity is essentially a “gateway” between past and future, theory and practice, and local and global. This is where students, faculty and staff collectively take the first step towards realizing VinUniversity’s mission of contributing to the betterment of Vietnam and the world.

Our General Education Program takes inspiration from the three principles of education reform, namely “dan toc” [nation], “khoa hoc” [science] and “dai chung” [people] put forth by Vietnam’s longest serving Minister of Education, the late Professor Nguyen Van Huyen, who strived to develop an education system to build a modern nation for all Vietnamese citizens in the trying times of post-independence Vietnam. 

For the betterment of Vietnam as a nation and to contribute to the world as members of the global community, General Education at VinUniversity begins with developing in each individual a conscientious and critical understanding of the self, Vietnam and the world. To develop a reflexive understanding of the self, we encourage students to step out of their comfort zone, self-cultivate an open mind and most importantly, to dare to dream! Yet, to be able to do so means developing a grounded and critical understanding of the past and present of Vietnam, how we understand ourselves and how others try to understand us, and finally, how we could together look to the future. To find our place in the world and to have a voice in how our future could be, General Education at VinUniversity is thoroughly infused with a global-local approach in the design of class-based courses and co-curricular programs. We approach the global with a view that “digital is the new global” and ask, “What are the possibilities we may uncover in the age of globalization underlined by digital infusion?”  

To fully explore possibilities of how the digital could change the world and help us fulfill the primary mission of VinUniversity, the General Education Program at VinUni aspires to become a model bona-fide interdisciplinary core curriculum in Vietnam. Taking onboard experiences in multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching from across the world and different intellectual traditions, we adopt a grounded but innovative approach in the design of courses in collaboration with faculty, students and relevant stakeholders in state and society. Serving as the core curriculum for all VinUniversity students, each course in the General Education Program is designed to plant the seeds that will help students ask “big questions” about past and present, to develop the capacity to learn new skills and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our co-curricular programs, planned in collaboration with a wide of range external stakeholders, extend beyond the initial year to take students out of the classrooms to fully reap the benefits of experiential learning.

The General Education Program is the place where you will encounter like-minded passionate and innovative academics who are devoted to education and grounded in interdisciplinary, socially engaged and global/digital research specialization.

To competently serve society with heart and mind, the General Education Program seeks to begin cultivating in each student six identified attributes, namely: Character, Competence, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and National Pride-Global Awareness. Right from the beginning, we encourage students to ask the questions, “what could you do for society” and “how would you go about actualizing your goals?” To enable students to be a part of VinUniversity’s founding mission, we seek to develop future leaders who take pride in their national heritage, are global minded, have character and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. The General Education Program is where this journey begins


Academic English Senior Lecturer at VinUniversity is an indispensable part of the General Education Program. They are responsible for teaching a range of programs, courses, levels, and learners to excel in their English language activities. Classes include English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes, Communication, short courses, skills-based courses, workshops, and tutorials.

We are looking for Academic English Senior Lecturer with experience in teaching Academic English to Vietnamese students and in-depth understanding. Although the candidate will have a particular disciplinary background, we are looking for a scholar who embraces an interdisciplinary approach and better still, infuses a digital interest in his/her/their research. We encourage research-led teaching at the General Education Program, so the candidate is expected to have an active research agenda.


Full-time faculty members are expected to fulfill 3 major areas of responsibilities: teaching, research and service. Workload allocation will be based on faculty ranking and faculty track in alignment with international standards and practices.

  1. Teaching:
  • Teach across a range of programs and levels, including English for Academic Purposes, written English composition, English for Specific Purposes, test preparation (such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), skills courses such as presentation or pronunciation skills, and others as per required from the university.
  • Employ a variety of teaching and learning methods & activities to ensure that learners are actively engaged in the program.
  • Plan engaging lessons based on the course syllabi which are adapted and localized for students’ individual needs.
  • Prepare, select and use appropriate learning resources, including adapting existing materials or creating own materials. This may require adapting learning materials to be accessible to learners of all backgrounds including those with learning differences and physical disability.
  • Monitor student attendance, behavior, and progress and ensure that teaching records are up to date and accurate.
  • Develop materials for online learning platforms and systems and participate in them to foster student engagement and learning progress.
  • Provide clear and effective feedback on student assessments and assignments through various approaches and mechanisms including written, digital, and/or teacher-student conferencing.
  • Invigilate, grade, and moderate quizzes, tests, and exams, ensuring that test security is always adhered to and ratings are consistently to standard.
  • Participate in ongoing professional development activities including training, symposia, and benchmarking sessions.
  • Identify students with special requirements and create, implement, and monitor individualized learning plans.
  • Provide cover teaching when needed.
  • Deal with student issues/emergencies as and when they arise.
  • Participate in performance management activities in line with VinUniversity policies and procedures.
  1. Research and creative works:
  • Carry out research and produce publications, or other research outputs beneficial to society.
  • Organize or participate in conferences/seminars aimed at sharing research outcomes and building interdisciplinary collaboration within and outside the university.
  • Engage with the wider scholarly, governmental and professional communities.
  1. Service and administration:
  • Attend and participate in team meetings, planning sessions, and other meetings as required.
  • Develop and participate in a range of service initiatives including placement testing, external engagement, marketing, and student recruitment events. May also be required to liaise with a range of stakeholders including students, parents, sponsors, and other external stakeholders.
  • Provide academic advice and support activities such as tutoring, academic skills guidance, and workshops. Refer students to other services as needed.
  • Contribute to program and course development and VinUniversity-wide working groups or committees, as requested.
  • Attend and contribute to professional development initiatives, training courses, and as identified and agreed for appropriate development.
  • Support new English language faculty through onboarding, mentoring, and ongoing guidance to ensure consistency in teaching throughout the department.
  • Participate in new student orientation, student clubs, and other relevant student activities.

There may be other responsibilities not specifically stated in this job description which are occasionally required without altering the nature or level of responsibility. These will be agreed upon through discussions with the line manager.


  • Master’s degree or Diploma in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, or a related field.
  • At least five years’ demonstrable experience teaching English for Academic Purposes in a university setting.
  • Evidence of continual professional development in the latest pedagogical trends and teaching approaches in TESOL.
  • Strong interest in supporting students to reach their maximum potential.
  • Demonstrated ability to create innovative and engaging lessons which incorporate a variety of student-centered teaching methods.
  • Digital literacies including experience with learning management systems (LMS) and creating online learning resources, collaborative cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite, email, and computer-integrated instruction.
  • Ability to plan workload and balance competing demands while remaining flexible and committed to the continual improvement of the program.
  • Meet deadlines and employ strong administrative and organizational skills.
  • Preferably experience working abroad with experience adapting to new countries and cultures.
  • Appropriate suitability checks will be required prior to confirmation of appointment.
  • All non-Vietnamese applicants must meet the requirements for a Vietnam visa and work permit which may differ from the minimum requirements and key selection criteria. Work permit requirements are subject to change due to legal regulations.


- Accommodation: VinUniversity will assist with accommodation options.

- Working permit: VinUniversity will assist in and provide advice for obtaining the necessary paperwork needed for employment in Vietnam (visa, working permit, ID, driver license, insurance, etc.)

- Child education: VinUniversity will assist in finding an excellent school for your child/children. There is education allowance if your child/children study at Vinschool.

- Living costs: Vietnam has a comparatively low cost of living and expatriates can live a very comfortable life here with a moderate expenditure. 


To apply, please send (1) a resume, (2) a cover letter, (3) a writing sample to

Consideration of candidates will occur on a rolling basis beginning December 2019, and will continue until the position is filled. Individuals who wish to nominate a candidate should submit a letter of nomination including the candidate’s contact information to the Search Committee. The desired position start date is March 2020 – July 2020, subject to negotiation.