Welcome to Zhejiang University, one of China's foremost research universities!

Zhejiang University is truly a comprehensive institution of higher learning with a long-standing commitment to seeking the truth and pursuing innovativeness. The University has been committed to its core mission of education, research, social service and cultural transmission. It is dedicated to nurturing students to be thoughtful leaders and useful citizens with a global vision and social responsibility; to interdisciplinary & innovative research that addresses pressing issues and challenges that face the world today; and also to translating knowledge and creativity to benefit the people in our country, in the region and in the global community.

Zhejiang University is a place of tradition; it is also a place full of vitality and entrepreneurial spirit. In this era of globalization, the Univesity is keen to work with international partners in the shared pursuit of knowledge and excellence, to contribute to the development and progress of human society.

I felt honored and pround to be part of the legacy and tradition of the university, and more importantly, to work with all of you for a more promising future and to make a  positive difference.
Wu Zhaohui

Zhejiany minisite