Human Resources Policy

The Human Resources Policy is an integral part of Masaryk University’s strategy and its development is therefore one of the long-term priorities of the university. 

Aims of the Masaryk University Human Resources Policy

  • Set and support the recruitment and selection of new employees with the aim to attract talents and build a new generation of pedagogical and research staff.
  • Promote a pleasant work environment based on the principles of equal opportunities and work–life balance.
  • Support employees with career and personal development tools.
  • Develop and apply a transparent HR Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • Deliver high-quality and professional HR services across the university.

Recruitment strategy

The aim of the recruitment strategy is to ensure transparent staff recruitment conditions (including equal opportunities), facilitate access to jobs for beginning educators and researchers, and attract highly qualified staff with all levels of pedagogical and scientific qualifications. Foreign staff members are provided support services by the Welcome Office as part of the adaptation process.

Equal opportunity policy and work–life balance

Promoting a diverse working environment (i.e. supporting employees’ individual skills in a multicultural environment regardless of age, gender, nationality, belief, sexual orientation, linguistic differences, political opinions, socioeconomic background, or special needs; see Teiresias) is a fundamental goal of Masaryk University.
Masaryk University also supports the work–life balance of its employees, for example, through short-term employment opportunities, flexible working hours, and home office.

Education, development, and assessment

Masaryk University is also interested in helping its employees to develop their qualifications. It supports them, for example, in gaining experience abroad (sabbaticals, internships within Erasmus+, etc.), in developing foreign language skills, and during preparations for higher doctorate proceedings and qualification as a professor.
Transparent assessment of employees and appreciation of the excellent personalities and exceptional work achievements of employees and students are also priorities of Masaryk University.

For more information, see the Masaryk University Strategic Plan 2016–2020.