Faculty of Sports Studies

The Faculty of Sports Studies aims to provide a valuable higher education grounded in general foundations that are in turn based on a broad spectrum of social, biomedical, and physical education disciplines that reflect the social needs and changes.

At its newly built university campus, the Faculty of Sports Studies houses numerous lecture rooms, laboratories, gyms and other sports facilities, as well as modern equipment that allows academics to research—often in conjunction with foreign institutions—three strategic fields: the dynamic and kinematic analysis of human movement, biomedical aspects of movement, and social science aspects of physical education and sport.

The mission of the Faculty’s 10 departments and institutes is to educate professionals to meet the needs of sport in all educational processes and to promote the attributes of a healthy lifestyle as a necessary component of modern living. The Faculty applies and develops knowledge of sports medicine for the needs of sports and sports education, passes on the latest knowledge in the field of regeneration and nutrition in sports as well as in everyday life, prepares qualified specialists for educational activities in social and leisure areas, and educates professionals in the field of Sport Management. It also pays special attention to the educational process necessary for the professional activities of security bodies.

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