Faculty of Social Studies

Masaryk University

The Faculty of Social Studies, established in 1998, is one of the newest and most dynamic at Masaryk University. The school’s tradition in social sciences dates to 1921, when the Department of Sociology was established at the Faculty of Arts. Today, the Faculty of Social Studies comprises 7 departments and 4 research institutes. 

Both teaching and research at the Faculty of Social Studies focus on Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Social Policy and Social Work, Media Studies and Journalism, Environmental Studies, International Relations, European Studies, Gender Studies, Psychotherapy Studies, Social Anthropology, and Security and Strategic Studies.
In its teaching and research, the Faculty´s academic standards are continuously challenged to keep pace with those of its partners in Europe and overseas. Research focuses on the relationship between ecology and the economy,  on social metabolism, media literacy, new media, the European integration process, experimental political science, the psychological development of youth, social interventions, and more.

The Faculty building, located in the city’s historical centre, offers both students and employees excellent conditions for study and work. The Faculty houses modern lecture halls, a comprehensive library, several computer labs, specialized desktop publishing studios and multimedia rooms, a fully equipped radio and TV studio, as well as a student club with a café and gallery for student activities. The redesigned atrium at the heart of the building, with a marvellous floorplan and architectural design, is a popular location for social gatherings.

The Faculty is undergoing constant development. The aim is to link teaching to research carried out in the individual departments and research carried out at the Faculty´s institutes. Courses offered are thus continually enriched by the latest findings in basic and applied research in the social sciences.

Faculty members publish regularly in international journals and anthologies, present at international conferences, and publish books and monographs. They are also active in international research networks and projects. In the course of its fifteen years of existence, the Faculty has hosted dozens of international conferences, providing space for discussion of the latest findings in the social sciences.

For more information visit https://www.fss.muni.cz/?lang=en

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