Faculty of Science


Fields of research at the Faculty of Science include Mathematics, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Advanced Materials, and Nanoscience. The faculty consists of 33 departments and institutes, where over 3500 students study natural sciences in more than 105 accredited fields of study closely related to research.

Research is the Faculty’s top priority, and numerous important scientific discoveries have been achieved in both the distant and recent past, with a main focus on toxic materials, geography, biochemistry, experimental biology, the physics of condensed materials, theoretical physics, astrophysics, and more. Each department is equipped with top-flight equipment and laboratories where students can study and carry out their own research. The Faculty’s facilities also include a botanical garden with greenhouses and special simulated environment labs.

Research is not limited to the Czech Republic: Faculty scientists, including doctoral students, travel regularly to the Czech Polar Station in Antarctica to continue their long-term or individual research; at the same time, great emphasis is placed on cooperating with foreign research centres and institutions.

The Faculty of Science is exceptionally successful in attracting resources from grants provided by structural funds of the European Union. The primary aim of these projects is to innovate study programmes and academic research.

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