Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1919. After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, the Faculty renewed its democratic traditions and its fundamental human mission to treat each human life with deep respect. Having overcome the limitations of rigidly uniform study regulations, the Faculty now strives to be open to the needs of present and future.

It currently embraces 66 institutes and clinics, employing 1077 people. Its two teaching hospitals accommodate 3000 beds accessible for teaching, thus giving students excellent opportunities to see a wide variety of cases and ensuring a rich educational experience.

All theoretical instruction is carried out using state-of-the-art facilities on the new university campus, which spans 42,000 m2 and was officially opened in 2010. Its proximity to one of the two teaching hospitals, where much of the clinical medicine practiced takes place, makes the campus both practical and convenient for students and staff. With 56 clinics, a Children’s Medical Centre and a Centre for Reproductive Medicine situated in a well-tended park, the teaching hospital is the largest hospital not only in the city but in the surrounding regions, as well.

The campus provides an ideal environment for education and research utilizing outstanding equipment and laboratory technology. Some research areas include the molecular pathogenesis of diseases of civilisation, tumours, and cardiac disorders. A library with a capacity of more than half a million volumes is the true heart of the campus: in addition, there are study rooms for classes or group work, a computer lab, and the essential academic bookshop. 

As a teaching and research institution, the Faculty of Medicine is known for its extensive publication activity. The Faculty is internationally renowned as an institution of higher education, research and development focused on the needs of the medical sciences and medical practice.

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