Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law has been established 100 years ago and it is the oldest faculty of Masaryk University. In the evaluation of science and research, the Faculty of Law achieves ongoingly the best results out of Faculties of Law in the Czech Republic.

This achievement is due to the continuing effort made by the faculty for internationalisation and strong engagement in science and research activities. Employees have the opportunity to visit foreign institutions (eg. The John Marshall Law School Chicago, USA) and to take part in joint research and creation of scientific publications.

The Faculty of Law, Masaryk University and its members are solvers in the national and international research projects. Providers of these projects are for example Czech science foundation (GACR), Ministry of Education, Youghts and Sports, European Union (Horizont 2020, Lifelong Learning Programme Jean Monnet, Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus, Marie Curie) and others.

For more information, visit https://www.law.muni.cz/content/en/.