Faculty of Education

The Faculty’s main task is to train and educate teachers for the primary and lower secondary schools and in some fields, the upper secondary schools as well. It also features programmes in special and social pedagogy. Research at the Faculty is tightly tied to education and pedagogy, with an emphasis on general didactics, subject didactics, special education, social education, and psychology, focusing on current problems in standard and special or social education and the impact of these problems on contemporary society. 

The research carried out by the Faculty’s 33 departments includes projects focused on behavioural psychology, support measures for socially handicapped students, arithmetic procedures used by highly talented primary school pupils, and a wide variety of measures utilized in the educational process.

The Faculty cooperates with numerous Czech institutions, allowing both students and academic staff to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in Faculty research and enabling new data to be obtained. 

The Faculty also strives to sensitize its students to the most important ecological issues and to raise awareness of renewable sources of energy by promoting that awareness in future teachers to pass on to their pupils. The largest photovoltaic panel in the Czech Republic at the time of its installation was placed on the roof of the faculty building to provide students with long-term experience in seeing such a system connected to an internal electrical network. 

For more information visit http://www.ped.muni.cz/en/introduction