Faculty of Economics and Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Administration was established in 1990 as the first new faculty following the Velvet Revolution. The Faculty’s primary objective is to further education and research in the economic sciences. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Economics and Administration has developed into a respected educational and research centre comprising 13 departments and institutes.

The Faculty is focused on general economics, economic information systems, financial management, economic policy and management, national and corporate economics, regional development and administration, and public economics.

Research at the Faculty is currently geared towards exploring the competitive capacity of the Czech economy, assessing public sector efficiency, examining developmental trends in organisational structures and business management, and researching corporate human resources utilisation and the economic aspects of regional development.

The Faculty cooperates with more than 60 foreign universities, allowing for great deal of mobility by teachers and students, as well as joint academic and research activities including publication, the organization of academic seminars and conferences, and so on.

Since 2004, the Faculty of Economics and Administration has played an important role in the historical city of Telč, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, with activities that include organizing combined studies programmes focused on economics, public administration, regional development, tourism, banking, and management.

For more information visit http://www.econ.muni.cz/en/