Faculty of Arts


The very first lectures at the Faculty of Arts took place during the 1921/1922 academic year. 128 students were enrolled. Nowadays, the Faculty of Arts is the largest faculty at Masaryk University. Almost 9,000 students study in more than 20 departments, where they may choose from around 4000 courses taught by more than 700 teachers and academics. Since its establishment, the Faculty has developed humanities-oriented disciplines, focusing on both teaching and research in languages, history, literature, the arts, and philosophy, in addition to numerous other programmes.

Research at the Faculty is focused on formal linguistics, humanities experiments such as the use of physiological data to explore human nature and communication, the philology of numerous languages, historical sites and documents, archaeology, theatre and film culture, and history.

The Faculty unites history and traditions with cutting-edge technology and uses both to promote dialog through understanding amongst cultures, fields of study, and institutions. It takes pride in developing a thirst for knowledge and understanding of the contemporary world via critical thinking.

Much energy is being focused on the Faculty’s teaching and research methods and its facilities. The core campus of the Faculty is continuously being modernised, and its new library won a prestigious architectural award in 2002. Thanks to this, both students and academic staff can work in an environment that has all the benefits of tradition and stability but with a contemporary approach and state-of-the-art equipment, for example in the HUME lab—an experimental humanities laboratory.

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