Research Assistant, 2D Materials

Tuesday, 23 November 2021
End of advertisement period
Thursday, 23 December 2021
Academic Discipline
Physical Sciences, Physics & Astronomy
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Description

The successful candidate will work with Professor Barbaros Oezyilmaz to advance the project on the large area synthesis and applications of atomically thin amorphous materials Our group specialises in material synthesis of 2D amorphous films and 3D carbon foams, device physics, and generally graphene applications.  We are looking for a passionate, self-motivated, and ambitious team member who shares our vision for the emerging field of 2D amorphous materials pioneered by our group. Our team has recently discovered the world's first one-atom-thick amorphous material, a freestanding monolayer amorphous carbon (MAC). (Nature, 577(7789), 199-203, 2020). This discovery has not only answered the decades-old open-question about atomic arrangement in amorphous solids, but also revealed a plethora of potential applications including nanoelectronics, energy storage, proton membranes, catalysis, and many more. The project aims at developing 2D amorphous materials for targeted applications.

We are searching for research assistants to develop barrier applications with MAC. The role will focus on the synthesis and transfer of MAC onto various substrates, followed by fabrication and characterization of MAC devices.

  • Direct growth of MAC on target substrates using a Laser-assisted CVD approach.
  • MAC processing and device fabrication.
  • Characterization of MAC (e.g. optical, electrical, Raman spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope).
  • Data analysis and physical interpretation of the results.
  • Meet key deliverables for industry collaboration.


Qualifications / Discipline:

  • Candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree in Science/Engineering or higher.


  • Strong experimental skills and preferably with cleanroom experience.
  • Proficiency in using Raman, AFM, SEM and corresponding software is an advantage.
  • A detailed understanding of the key technologies involved is a plus.
  • You have great interpersonal and communication skills, and you are excited by challenges.
  • Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on team's success.

Experience: Have relevant background experience in experimental research.

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus
Organization: Faculty of Science
Department : Physics

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