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Job Description

The Credit Research Initiative (CRI) is a non-profit undertaking under the Asian Institute of Digital Finance (AIDF) of the National University of Singapore. Pioneering the "public good" credit risk measures, the CRI is committed to advancing big data analytics and providing directly useful credit intelligence to academic and professional communities. Be part of a dynamic team in analyzing risk in today’s financial markets. An opportunity exists to join NUS-AIDF Credit Research Initiative (CRI) as a Research Analyst/ Associate in the Product Management Team, Validation Team, and Development Team. You will compute and publish probabilities of default (PD) of listed firms globally based on CRI’s quantitative model, and contribute to the ongoing research and development of the model. This is a cross-functional role that requires the exploration of different dimensions of risk management. It will challenge successful applicants and is a great learning and development opportunity.

Career Benefits

  • Gain a detailed understanding of a cutting-edge quantitative credit risk model being pioneered by NUS AIDF under the Credit Research Initiative (CRI).
  • Further your knowledge in quantitative modelling and financial analysis.
  • Gain experience in emerging technologies (e.g. cloud/grid computing, GPU computing, FPGA).
  • Benefit from a world-class research environment at the forefront of credit risk, with a motivated research team a well-established network.
  • Successful applicant can look forward to joining one of the teams below. 

1. Product Management Team

The Product Management Team (PMT) manages and produces various credit risk products and plays a key role at CRI. PMT is mainly involved in implementing, maintaining, and improving scientific computation models for CRI products. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to quickly learn the modeling approaches, mathematical algorithms, and programming skills utilized for CRI’s credit risk research work.


  • Maintain and simplify the CRI Production System.
  • Analyze and interpret the credit risk measures.
  • Improve the developed scientific computation of credit risk measures such as Distance to Default (DTD), Probability of Default (PD), and Actuarial Spread (AS).
  • Develop and improve the practical credit risk management tools such as stress testing/scenarios analysis.
  • Deal with urgent or ad-hoc requests.


  • Preferably major in the area of finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, computer science, physics, or similar discipline.
  • Experience in Julia, MATLAB, and GitLab is preferred. Other languages, e.g. C++ or Python, are welcome, but will be requested to learn/use Julia or MATLAB.
  • Must be a keen learner, proactive in nature, and a strong responsibility person.
  • Strong analytical techniques and problem solving skill.
  • Able to work independently and across different teams.
  • Possess strong interpersonal, organizational, and planning skills.
  • Knowledge in Financial Statement, SQL, VBA, and Bloomberg Terminal would be a plus.
  • Able to handle pressure and meet deadlines.

2. Validation Team

The Validation Team (VT) handles the assessment of models servicing a wide range of activities across the CRI, including Probability of Default, Actuarial Spread, and Stress Testing models. As a member in the Validation Team, you will work on a variety of models covering many aspects of the model life cycle, including data management, methodology, programming, and quantitative assessment. Successful candidates will contribute to the CRI’s assessment and evaluation of credit risk models.


  • Independent evaluation of existing risk models including PD, AS and Stress Testing models.
  • Assist with the delivery of the validation plan, ensuring timely identification of issues.
  • Quantitative assessment of model performance via data evaluation and statistical testing.
  • Coordination with internal stakeholders on model issues, achieving suitable resolutions.
  • Deal with urgent and/or ad-hoc requests.


  • Preferably major in the area of Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Finance, Physics, Computer Science, or similar discipline.
  • Proactive attitude, strong sense of responsibility.
  • Independent thinker and fast learner, strong interest in credit risk analysis.
  • Curious, with the ability of speaking up and challenging perceived wisdom.
  • Strong focus on quality control and attention to detail.
  • Familiarity with MATLAB, Python, or R.
  • Experience in SQL, VBA, or Julia is a plus.

3. Development Team

The Development Team (DT) continuously improves CRI’s in-house models and systems, and develops new applications. As a member of the Development Team, the candidate should have an in-depth understanding of CRI products and always keep an open mind to new things. The job scope ranges from data analysis, modeling, building production systems, and almost all tasks leverage heavily on programming. We welcome candidates who possess relevant technical skills and enjoy the challenging and exciting working environment.


  • Have deep understanding on various CRI models and products. Actively monitor model performances and research on possible improvements and new ideas.
  • Design and build robust and readable codes for production usage to implement research outcomes.
  • Write theoretical paper to disseminate research findings. Make demos and presentations internally and externally.
  • Collaborate closely with the Client Service Team and develop proof of concept models in a fast pace to accommodate clients’ needs.
  • Review CRI’s weekly credit brief and provide insights.


  • Bachelors or Masters in statistics, mathematics, quantitative finance or related discipline.
  • Proficient programming skills such as Julia, Python, MATLAB, R, etc. Experience with building APIs or load balancers will be a plus.
  • Strong sense of responsibility. Good team player.
  • Able to work within fast moving, multi-tasking environments. Be proactive and passionate about building and developing new ideas and models.
  • Ability to read and understand methodologies in research papers. Also able to write research papers and good presentation skills.

Contact Details

Applicants should submit their applications electronically to the team lead of the team that they are interested in.

For PMT, please contact Chang Chih-Ming,

For VT, please contact Zeng Jiajie,

For DT, please contact Xu Yaxian,

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus
Organization: Asian Institute of Digital Finance
Department : Credit Research Initiative
Employee Referral Eligible: No

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