Postdoc in the area of Enterprise Foundations

KĂžbenhavn K, Hovedstaden (DK)
Tuesday, 15 June 2021
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Wednesday, 1 September 2021
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Fixed Term
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Postdoc in the area of Enterprise Foundations 

Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a vacant Postdoc position in the area of Enterprise Foundations

Enterprise foundations are foundations that own companies. Other widely used terms are industrial foundations or corporate foundations. Typically, the foundations are charitable, but they also play an important role as business owners. The structure is common in Northern Europe, particularly in Denmark, and poses special challenges and opportunities for corporate governance. For example, enterprise foundations often aim to be responsible long-term owners, but may be constrained by limited access to external finance. Enterprise foundations are seen as role models for purposeful companies. 

Copenhagen Business School would like to appoint a suitably qualified person to a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Enterprise Foundations. 

This position is designed for an individual with strong research potential at an early stage of an academic career. Prior knowledge of enterprise foundations is not required or expected, but experience with corporate governance research is clear advantage. The qualified candidate must hold a PhD. Degree or equivalent and be proficient in quantitative empirical research.

The post is available for a fixed term of two years as soon as possible at the Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG). CCG is an interdisciplinary research center with a strong track record in corporate governance and in international business and is one of the leading corporate governance centers in Europe. CCG is hosted by the Department of Accounting (ACC) at Copenhagen Business School.

Historically, the core research areas of CCG are (1) Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance, (2) Enterprise Foundations and Long Term Ownership, (3) Board Work, and (4) Governance, Risk, Management and Compliance (GRC).

The post doc will work with the research group in enterprise foundations and long-term ownership with access to its unique datasets.

It is the ambition of the Department to be in the international frontline in these research areas; to publish research results in leading international journals; to have an excellent research environment; to seek synergy between research and teaching, and to have a strong partnership with the business community.

Examples of research areas that the post doc. assignment might cover:

  • Value creation and corporate responsibility in foundation-owned companies
  • Long-term ownership by enterprise foundations
  • Board structures and CEO turnover ion foundation-owned companies
  • Managerial incentives in foundation-owned companies

Most of these issues are of general concern to businesses around the world, but they play a special role in enterprise foundations and foundation-owned companies.

The research in Enterprise Foundation is supported by CBS and 10 Danish Enterprise Foundations including the Novo Nordisk Foundation. In accordance with CBS research policy, the researcher is guaranteed freedom of research within the research area in question.

The Postdoc is a non-tenured position for a 2 year period with research obligation.

To fulfill the research requirements of the position, the applicant chosen is expected to be physically present on a regular basis and actively participate in the teaching and research activities of the Department.

The applicant must hold a PhD. In assessing applications, particular emphasis will be placed on research potential, including intellectual leadership. Emphasis is placed on research relevant to the job description. The applicant must have professional proficiency in English (written and spoken).

Application due: 9/1/2021