RIE Trainee, Research Assistant, Railway

Friday, 10 July 2020
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Sunday, 9 August 2020
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Full Time

Programme Summary

In conjunction with Workforce Singapore, NTU offer traineeships to support the SGUnited Traineeships Programme. ​​The Traineeships are part of NTU's efforts to create relevant and meaningful traineeship opportunities for our nation’s new graduates entering the workforce during this difficult time.

About SMRT-NTU Smart Urgan Rail Corporate Laboratory

SMRT and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have launched a $60-million joint research laboratory in 2016 to develop technology-driven solutions to build an urban rail system that is even more resilient and reliable as Singapore moves towards a car-lite future.. The joint laboratory is supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore under its Corporate Laboratory @ University Scheme, which funds key corporate laboratories set up through public-private partnerships. The SMRT-NTU Smart Urban Rail Corporate Laboratory will nurture engineering specialists in the rail industry who are prepared to tackle future national transportation challenges and develop innovative transportation solutions that can be used globally. Currently, the joint research laboratory has providing training opportunities for over 100 undergraduates, 35 graduate students and 60 researchers, across a broad range of specialisations. More details of the research laboratory can be found in website:

Job Description

  • Assist SMRT and NTU researchers to operationalise the new systems with respect to:
    • Designing a feedback system for  collecting suggestions and observations from the end-user of the new technology
    • Collecting and analysing the feedback responses.
    • Translate the feedback into engineering improvements to the Corp Lab technology.
    • Construct the improvements and implement it on the shop floor for further feedback.
    • Iterate until  end-user is satisfied that the Corp Lab new system is optimal and user friendly.
  • Assist in documenting the final design implemented at the shop floor
  • Conduct Post Implementation Review with the End –User

Projects are:

  • Trainee 1:
    • RCMS-RP4 & 10 : RF Induction for detection of defects in power conductor to train and running track
  • Trainee 2:
    • EIRRA-RP1 :  Novel Laser Cladding Repair System for Track crossing repair
    • RCMS-RP 8:  Novel Portable Signal Monitoring System for Railway
    • RCMS-RP 9:  Condition Monitoring system for Position Transponders
  • Trainee 3:
    • RCMS- RP:, Door Condition Monitoring System
    • RCMS-RP7: Axle Inspection Robot


  • Bachelor degree in relevant field
  • Basic understanding of research and analytical skills
  • Attention to details and procedures
  • Effective communication and report writing skills

Hiring Institution: NTU

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