Postdoc­toral Re­searcher, Plant Evol­u­tion­ary Eco­logy

Helsinki, Finland
Thursday, 25 June 2020
End of advertisement period
Friday, 3 July 2020
Academic Discipline
Life sciences, Biological Sciences
Contract Type
Fixed Term
Full Time

A postdoctoral position is available in the Botany Unit, Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus. The position in for three years, and is part of the project “Will adaptive plasticity and evolvability help plants to survive in a changing climate?” (AD-EVO) funded by the Academy of Finland. The successful candidate will have the possibility to contribute to other ongoing projects in the research group in the field of plant evolutionary ecology.

Adaptive plasticity and evolvability – tools to understand plant survival under climate change

In this project, we combine approaches from ecology, ecophysiology and quantitative genetics to quantify variation in trait means and to compare capacity for adaptation in key functional traits of widespread and narrowly distributed species, and we contrast leading-edge, core, and trailing-edge populations. Among the focal traits are seed germination — one of the most important, yet understudied life-history traits known to covary with climatic variation.

We analyse three interrelated key mechanisms for adaptive potential in plants: (i) standing intraspecific variation in phenotypic trait means and plasticity, (ii) phenotypic plasticity within individual lifecycles and across generations, and (iii) evolutionary potential of populations and species. This combination of range-wide surveys of multivariate trait variation and plasticity with in-depth studies of population-level evolutionary potential provides an approach towards novel knowledge-based conservation applications in a changing climate.

Work tasks

We seek a highly motivated and independent postdoctoral researcher who will be responsible of running extensive experiments in a seed bank/laboratory, greenhouses, and in botanic gardens together with the research team and collaborators. The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for analyzing datasets, writing up publications, collaborating with national and international stakeholders, and communicating the research results. (S)he will also contribute in teaching (max. 5% of worktime).

Essential qualifications

Candidates have a recent PhD in evolutionary ecology or a similar field, with preferably experience in working with plants. A demonstrated publication record and excellent English communication and writing skills are expected. Successful candidates will have demonstrated experimental, statistical and writing skills to independently carry out field and greenhouse experiments and analyze data. Willingness for mobility is essential for the success of the project, since some common garden experiments are carried out in European botanic gardens.

The start salary for this level (before tax) currently ranges from about 3300 – 3600 €/month for full-time employment, depending on qualifications and performance.

The preferred starting date is 1 Sep 2020 but can be adjusted

Please submit your application, together with CV and list of publications, through the University of Helsinki electronic recruitment system by clicking on Apply Link. Internal applicants (i.e. current employees of the University of Helsinki) must submit their applications through the SAP HR portal. The deadline for applications is 3 July 2020.

For more information please contact the project PI Marko Hyvärinen (

Due date

03.07.2020 23:59 EEST

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