Computer Hardware Engineer

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Monday, 16 March 2020
End of advertisement period
Wednesday, 15 April 2020
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Description

The NSSTC is looking to hire an embedded computer hardware engineer to support the development of NSSTC Space mission projects and R&D activities.

  • The embedded computer engineer must have an understanding of real time embedded systems including micro-processors, micro-controllers, software based DSP, Memory types and systems, mass memory storage (solid state recorders), digital input and output interfaces, data communication links (both serial and parallel), as well as an understanding of data acquisition and control (inducing the use and application of Analog to Digital converters (ADC) and Digital to Analog converters (DAC).
  • The engineer must have experience in specifying, developing and testing real time embedded computer hardware and required low level application programming interface (API) software (in both assembler and/or C/C++ or some other suitable programing language) – for time critical real time applications, such as those applied to spacecraft, landers, rovers, UAVs and Robotics.
  • The position requires good understanding of computer systems. The tasks also require the development of test benches as well as the generation of test vectors and sub-system test and validation coverage analysis.
  • The role requires the ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team that will be engaged in the design and development of CubeSats and Small Spacecraft.
  • As an engineer you will be asked to perform a variety of tasks related to the development of projects within the NSSTC including (but not limited to) generating the embedded real time system and sub-system hardware requirements and providing performance parameters to the embedded software engineers, collecting requirements from the various systems and sub-systems that define the function of the real time embedded computer system, identify and tradeoffs various real time computing platforms and processor systems suitable for space applications, support the team during the various stages of project developments including integration and environmental testing.
  • An understanding of micro-processor and DSP hardware architecture and internal functionality, including ability to assess and model processing performance and power consumption in various modes of operation and the ability to understand and appreciate how the embedded software interacts with the computer hardware. Provide support during mission operations, including initial in-orbit functional validation and functional performance.
  • Ability to analyze problems and faults remotely when the Spacecraft is in orbit.
  • Be able to support the software engineers in the generation of new software images and patches to be uploaded to the spacecraft when necessary.
  • The ability to work with students at UAE University as a mentor is required. Travel may be required – both domestic and international.
  • The position is located at the NSSTC facility in Al Ain.
  • Compensation based on experience level.

Minimum Qualification

BS or higher degree in Electronic and/or Electrical engineering, Computer Engineering / Science, Information technology from an accredited institution

Preferred Qualification

BS or higher degree with 5 years practical experience

Expected Skills/Rank/Experience

  • Experience with based on ARM and/or LEON processor systems or other similar class of processor, both in discrete form and as system in chip IP
  • On-Board computer development management – requirements generation, version control, task distribution, validation and verification
  • Full cycle development of space hardware (high level design, EEE component selection, schematic capture, PCB layout and assembly, debugging/testing)
  • On-board computer budgetary requirements, memory size, performance requirements (in conjunction with target software).
  • Understanding of the implication of using CPU cache memory in space systems
  • Micro-processor simulators and Debugging systems
  • Debugging Hardware with target Software
  • Computer parallel bus architectures
  • Experience with Error Detection and correction techniques (EDAC), bit errors and block errors as well as scrubbing techniques
  • Efficient use of Interrupts (both masked and un-masked)
  • Utilization of watchdog timers and FDIR
  • All type of volatile and none volatile memory devices and systems that are suitable for Space applications
  • Program and data memory system development
  • Mass memory (onboard solid state recorder) system architectures, data and file management
  • Direct memory access techniques
  • Serial data links; Space-wire, RS232/RS422, Ethernet, I2C…etc
  • Wireless data links: WIFI, Bluetooth … etc
  • Input / Output sub-systems – Digital and Analog data collection, Digital and Analog controls
  • Digital Systems desi

Division National Space Science&Tech. Center

Department National Space Science&Tech. Center

Job Close Date open until filled

Job Category Staff