Animal Nurture Technician

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
3000 to 9000 AED
Thursday, 22 August 2019
End of advertisement period
Saturday, 21 September 2019
Academic Discipline
Life sciences, Veterinary Science
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Description

The overall Objective of the Position: Responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals used in scientific and medical research and maintain breeding programs to fulfil the research needs

General Tasks

  • Recognize animal behavior and symptoms that indicate an illness or accident and report that to the veterinarian.
  • Ensure all the animals have adequate amount of feed & water.
  • Monitor the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting) in the animal rooms and report immediately in case of any variations
  • Recognize animal behavior and symptoms that indicate an illness or accident and report that to the veterinarian.
  • Record any deaths and dispose the carcasses according to the health protocols
  • Maintain sanitation standards for animal rooms, pens and cages
  • Operate Autoclaving equipment to sterile cages, lids, bottles, bedding and water
  • Provide enough clean cages with fresh bedding for daily usage
  • Transfer animals with a proper handling from dirty cages to clean cages (Bedding changing)
  • Dispose waste bedding safely
  • Receives animals into facility and placing animal into quarantine area
  • Check the inventory of the feed, fresh bedding and cleaning detergents to ensure sufficient amount for daily usage

Specialized Tasks Daily Usage of Animals :

  • Prepare the experimental animals as requested by the researchers according to the species, sex, weight and age.
  • Record and report the daily usage of animals by the researchers
  • Monitor the activities and the experimental procedures done on the animals by researchers and report any inhumane or unethical procedures to the Veterinary doctor.

Weekly Duties (Breeding) :

  • Maintains breeding colonies of various animals, for example:
    • Wistar rats
    • C57BL/6 mice
    • Balb/c mice
    • Knock out mice
    • Rabbits
  • Check for pregnant animals and record the date of birth for the newborns
  • Weaning of newborns and group them according to sex, age and weight.
  • Maintain labeling system to identify different species
  • Select new pairs of animals to refresh the breeding cages
  • Identify and isolate weak animals to be euthanized after been checked by the veterinarian doctor
  • Monitor and control the population of the animal colonies according to assigned space

Minimum Qualification

  • Diploma/B.Sc. with Appropriate Experience

Preferred Qualification

  • As above

Expected Skills/Rank/Experience

  • Knowledge in proper animal handling
  • Knowledge in Laboratory techniques
  • Knowledge in Hematology, Serology & Microbiology

Division College of Medicine&Health Sciences

Department Pharmacology - (CMHS)

Job Close Date open until filled

Job Category Staff

Salary 3000 to 9000 AED