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At Griffith University we believe in, strive for and celebrate the remarkable.

We are known for our high impact research, outstanding student experience, our commitment to social justice and our welcoming environment. We rank in the top 2% of universities worldwide and we’re proud of our remarkable achievements, of our people and their passion for making a positive difference. Together we contribute to the development of knowledge and learning in an attractive environment which values excellence, equity, diversity, and innovation.

At Griffith, we believe what we do matters and we know success often comes from doing things differently—challenging convention, adapting and innovating, recognising trends and pioneering solutions ahead of their time.

Griffith was created to be a different kind of university, and we know that success often comes from being an exception to the norm – challenging convention, adapting and innovating, creating bold new trends and pioneering solutions ahead of their time. Being a young university means we have the freedom to respect tradition without being restricted by it, which gives us the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of students, industry and the community.

Since we started teaching in 1975, we’ve been deeply connected to the Asian region, socially conscious and environmentally aware. We’ve never lost sight of our progressive beginnings and everything we do – from education to research and community engagement – is designed not only to meet, but improve the new world our students, graduates and communities will encounter.

Our research excellence and innovative teaching and learning practices, along with our deep connections with community and industry, makes us one of the leading providers of higher education in the Asia¬–Pacific.

Spanning three cities in South East Queensland, our five physical campuses are located at the Gold Coast, Logan, Mt Gravatt, Nathan and South Bank. Our digital campus is located at your fingertips and spans the globe. Each campus environment, whether physical or digital, has state of the art facilities, and support services to make university life easier and enjoyable.

We have four academic groups that drive our degrees and uphold our remarkable standards of education;

  • Arts, Education and Law
  • Griffith Business School
  • Griffith Health
  • Griffith Sciences

Our experts work in research centres developing new knowledge in a range of specialist areas including medicine and healthcare, emerging technologies, social innovations, culture, learning and the arts, the environment, and governance and policy development. Most of these institutes and centres align with our four academic groups, with their cutting-edge research helping to inform our degrees, allowing students to gain the latest knowledge and learn alongside people making history in a wide range of research fields.

In support of our academic groups and research centres, our dedicated corporate services team delivers services to the University community daily, for example, campus facilities, digital technologies, retail outlets or the enjoyment of our unique campus grounds. They interact with students from admission to graduation, form strategic partnerships, manage supplier relationships and support the wider community.

Griffith is led by Vice Chancellor Professor Carolyn Evans and the University Executive Group. Griffith University Council and its committees comprise our governing body.

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