Visa information

Nationals of many countries need to apply for a Russian visa. To find out if you do, please contact the Russian Consulate in your country or check this website.

If you will need a visa, please click here to apply for an invitation letter for a humanitarian visa. The application deadline is 13 April 2021. Once you have your invitation letter, please apply for a humanitarian visa by following the steps below.


1. Get the invitation

2. Prepare all the required documents

You will need:

  • The passport you will be travelling with – this must be valid for at least 6 months after your visa will expire and must contain at least two clear pages.
  • Two colour photos (3.5cm х 4.5cm) – these must have been taken recently and be of good quality.
  • Russian visa application form – you can fill this in online and print it out from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  • Other documents you may need include health insurance, a letter from your employer, etc.

Please check the exact list of documents on the website of the Russian Consulate or Visa Application Centre where you plan to submit your application.

3. Apply for a Russian visa

Check online for the website and address of the Russian Consulate or Russian Visa Application Centre in the country where you will submit your documents. Please note that you will need to pay the consular fee and Visa Application Centre services.

4. Visa registration

You don’t need to register if you will be staying in Russia for less than seven working days. If your trip to Russia lasts more than seven working days, you will need to register. Your registration is a confirmation of your lawful stay in Russia, and you will need to submit your documents the next working day after entering Russia.

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