Programme themes

Building knowledge, transforming skills

Delivering quality education with impact

Education is a fundamental human right and here we will look at where we are in terms of progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 (“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”). We will share knowledge about success stories, good practices, challenges and discuss the best environment for creating quality education that delivers impact for all.


Classroom innovations: teaching in the 4IR

As edtech continues to grow, we examine the role that technology has to play in the classroom environment. Technology is, of course, no replacement for teaching, but to what extent can e-learning technologies enhance the quality of teaching?


Employability and the future of skills

Higher education equips graduates with the higher-level skills that are increasingly in demand in the workplace. But, as industry adapts to rapid advancements in emerging technologies, how must universities transform their teaching strategies to meet the growing demand for skills? How can educators and employers collaborate to form creative innovative partnerships that promote flexible lifelong learning?


Measuring success: the transformative impact of teaching

Teaching is an invaluable tool for student success. Here we will discuss how to measure the true impact of teaching on learners. How do different countries and territories approach the evaluation of teaching? What does success look like around the world and what can we learn from each other? Here we have the opportunity to showcase some of the shortlisted entries of both our UK and Asia Awards to share ideas and learn best practice from those already doing great work.

Global partners