Discover Tianjin


The Ancient Culture Street was officially opened on New Year’s Day, 1986. It is the birthplace of Tianjin culture, and the gathering place of Tianjin folk culture and Haihe culture. It is rated as one of the top ten Tianjin tourist attractions.

The Five Great Avenues are located in Heping district of the city center. It is the concentrated area of famous residences in Tianjin, with diverse architectural styles. It is evaluated as the Exhibition of World Architectures and rated as one of the top ten tourist attractions in Tianjin.

China House was originally a French building with a history of more than 100 years. A large number of ancient porcelain wares were used to decorate it as a ceramic house. The perfect combination of Oriental classical art and Western architecture reveals the masterpiece.

The Tientsin Eye is a giant ferris wheel built above Yongle Bridge and is a landmark of Tianjin. When it rotates to the highest point, the height from the ground can reach as tall as 120 meters, which is equivalent to the height of 35 floors and visitors can see the scenery within a radius of 40 kilometers.