About the summit

Nurturing global talent and research excellence

The fourth regional Times Higher Education MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Universities Summit will examine how a global education can provide research and creative opportunities for students that concurrently wield positive social impact for the region.

This three-day virtual summit will focus on higher education teaching and research models for the MENA region, while sharing global perspectives on how to nurture a talent pipeline.

We will bring together leaders of higher education, government and industry from the MENA region.

Programme themes

A combination of keynote speeches, participatory debates, live polling, case studies and panel discussions, accompanied by a THE rankings masterclass will support attendees as they consider these key themes:

  • The value of a liberal arts and science education
  • Facilitating the leap into broad, interdisciplinary learning
  • Practical and pedagogical challenges of remote learning
  • Ensuring societal impact in the communities which universities are located
  • Bridging political boundaries with collaboration and shared research

Why attend?

  • Meet your peers and develop a global network of leaders, experts and decision-makers
  • Gain exclusive analysis and understand the data behind our rankings, and learn how your institution can improve
  • Hear from thought leaders from across the world, engage in debates, and share ideas
  • Help set the agenda for how the higher education sector may be transformed by this period of crisis

Who should attend?

Hundreds of leaders from the world’s best and most ambitious universities and research-led companies will reflect on what are the optimum conditions for human talent to develop and how some of the key obstacles can be overcome.

Participants include vice-chancellors, rectors, presidents, deputy presidents, vice-presidents and distinguished scholars representing higher education and governments along with industries and businesses with close links to both sectors.







MENA Universities Summit 2018

The THE MENA Universities Summit 2018 took place 19-21 March at King Abdulaziz University, in Saudi Arabia, and was attended by over 300 leaders from 31 countries.

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