Getting around



Hong Kong’s safe, affordable and reliable public transport system keeps the city moving at its trademark lightning speed. But if you wish for a more relaxed mode of transport, you can switch gears by hopping on an unhurried tram or ferry for a more “old world” pace of life.

The public transport systems use a highly convenient payment method in the form of the Octopus Card.

Local travel advisory on current situation in Hong Kong

We would like to reassure everyone participating in the THE  Leadership and Management Summit at City University of Hong Kong from 17 to 19 July that there is no cause for alarm with regard to recent events.

While there is understandable concern after the widespread media coverage, please rest assured that Hong Kong remains a very safe and orderly place. The summit is being held in Kowloon, which is on the mainland across the water from Hong Kong Island. The street protests took place in a very confined area of Hong Kong Island and the situation is now under control.

Hong Kong remains one of the safest and most orderly cities in the world and we look forward to hosting you at the summit and giving you an enjoyable and productive experience.