Getting there

Delegates are responsible for their travel arrangements and travel costs to and from Stockholm. All four of Stockholm’s airports are connected to the city centre both by public transport and by airport coach transfer services.



Stockholm Arlanda Airport (25 miles north of Stockholm)

Arlanda Express trains go to the city centre in 20 mins, with departures every 15 minutes. The station is easily accessible underneath the arrival terminals.

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches depart every 10-15 mins and take you to Stockholm Central Station in 35-45 mins.

Commuter trains operated by SL, the public transport company in Stockholm, depart twice an hour from Arlanda Central Station. Travel time to Stockholm Central Station is 43 mins.

There are also several companies operating buses from Arlanda, for example FlixBus and Nettbuss.

Bromma Stockholm Airport, Skavsta Airport, and Västerås Airport

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches service all airports, and timings coincide with flight arrivals and departures. Travel time to Stockholm are 20 mins from Bromma and 80 mins from Skavsta and Västerås.

Taxi services

Taxi services are available at Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport. Travel time to the city are approximately 40 mins from Arlanda Airport and 15 minutes from Bromma Airport, depending on the time of day. Credit cards are accepted, however please note that taxi fares in Sweden are not regulated so prices can vary significantly between companies. It is recommended to use the services of well-known firms such as Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 and Taxi Kurir.

Public transport in Stockholm

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) is the company the runs Stockholm’s extensive public transport networks from metro and rail lines to trams and buses, and offers convenient travel around the city. Tickets can be bought as using an SL Access card, as individual tickets, or through the SL app. Click here to download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

In order to travel on SL services you will need a ticket. These are typically loaded on an SL Access card, an electronic smart card. Single-use tickets are valid valid for 1h15, 24h or 72h. It is always cheaper to buy prepaid tickets and the longer the period of validity of the ticket, the cheaper it will be. If you are just visiting temporarily the single use travelcards are perfect for you. Tickets and travelcards are sold at the SL Center and at Metro and commuter railway stations. There are also ticket machines at most Metro and commuter railway stations, as well as in a number of other locations. You can also buy a single ticket via the SL app.

You cannot purchase a ticket onboard the buses, trams and railway lines, or onboard commuter ferries. It is your responsibility as a passenger to ensure that you have a valid ticket. Failure to show on demand a valid ticket will render a penalty fare of SEK 1,500 plus a single ticket fare.


Board the bus through the front doors and touch in with your SL Access card/single use travelcard on the blue card readers. If you use the app, please show your e-ticket to the driver. To disembark, push the ‘stop’ button. On Stockholm city centre blue buses you must also push a button to open the doors. This button is on the pole next to the door.

Metro and train
There is a manned barrier and automatic barriers for those with cards at almost all of the stations. All Metro and commuter trains stop at all stations along the line, apart from express trains that skip certain stations. Express trains only run on the commuter rail lines and during peak hours.

Light railway and tram
There are no ticket barriers on the Lidingöbanan, Tvärbanan and Nockebybanan stations. Instead there are ticket inspectors onboard the trains on Lidingöbanan. If you travel on Tvärbanan, Roslagsbanan, Saltsjöbanan, or Nockebybanan you buy your ticket with SL Access Credit (“reskassa”) or activate your single use travelcard at the SL ticket post. You always need a valid ticket when you board the train/tram, these can be bought via the SL app. If you are travelling on Tvärbanan or Nockebybanan trains you must use the ‘stop’ button to stop the train at your desired station.

Interactive map of central Stockholm overlaid with the main transport networks
Map of the metro, tram and rail networks
Map of the metro network