Agenda themes

Crossing boundaries, unlocking creativity

Creativity arising across boundaries

Asia represents the majority of the Earth’s people, the fastest-growing economies, the richest cultural diversity, and the greatest potential for universities to invent, innovate and apply knowledge to change our shared future. In a hyperconnected world, what and where are the boundaries for research universities this century, and how significant are they in obstructing progress?


Addressing challenges

Research universities collectively hold the keys to our future. Through fundamental research, institutional relationships, and by identifying, developing, and supporting highly talented individuals, they can be the foundations of humanity’s progress. But university leaders face immense internal and external pressures in sustaining their institutions. We will explore how they analyse their weaknesses, understand opportunities, and make strategic decisions on how they can have the greatest impact.


Universities supporting society

Asian universities sit at the vanguard of research into transformative science and innovation that is certain to change our world. As we recover from Covid-19, one of the greatest challenges in recent history, we explore universities’ position in mitigating future health risks, and how Asian higher education leaders can evolve their institutions to maximise their potential to support human progress.


Global partners