Free to Current THE subscribers

If you are a current subscriber to the print or digital bundle of Times Higher Education, then you can download the new THE app free on your Apple iPad and iPhone. Once it’s installed, select ‘Already a subscriber?’ and you’ll be prompted to activate your subscription using your existing THE subscription number.

Current subscribers to the THE app through iTunes

If you currently purchase THE through iTunes, then rest assured you can continue to receive the original THE app until your subscription comes to an end.

And as a subscriber you can access the new THE app at any time. If you purchase through THE, an annual digital subscription costs less than £1 per week for which you’ll get:

  • The brand new THE app for your Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Full access to all THE online content
  • A full digital replica of the weekly THE

Subscribe to THE

Alternatively you can continue to purchase the new THE app on its own through iTunes for just £2.99 per issue or £13.99 for a 3 month subscription. You can sign up here.