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What are the priorities for higher education marketing professionals in 2023? How are they spending their budgets – and are these set to increase, or decrease? 

In a ground-breaking initiative by THE and Net Natives, this session reveals findings from the Higher Education Marketing Survey where 855 higher education marketing professionals from 145 countries have shared their insights. The results of this survey will help empower you and your institution to make smarter and savvier decisions when it comes to budgets, strategies and priorities.

We’ll be investigating how institutions and marketers spread budgets across programs and schools, brand and direct response, domestic and international and channel vs channel. It will help you better understand how your peers tackle similar challenges.

Reserve your space today for the full Higher Education Marketing Survey results webinars on the 14th June 2023. The event will be divided into two separate sessions:

Session One: 9am BST with a focus on analysed data from UK institutions

Session Two: 4pm BST/ 8am PDT/ 11pm EDT  with  focus on analysed data from US institutions

This is event is entirely free to attend, and open to all who are interested in better understanding the priorities and challenges of the higher education marketing community.

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Higher Education Marketing Survey Webinar Results
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