Stairs in a forest

My advice for prospective students

University can be daunting, but Lu Allan, a first year student at the University of Glasgow, has three pieces of advice to help you prepare.
Starting line of a race

Finding accommodation in Berlin

Competing for an apartment – or a ‘WG’ – in Berlin is like something out of ‘The Hunger Games’. A student tells her hilarious best bits.
Coffee cups overlooking St Pauls, London

How to find your community and settle in as a student in London

London in the UK is not as overwhelming as you might think – it’s all about finding the right community.
Unbalanced scales

Why tuition fees can increase inequality

German student Felix argues that the introduction of tuition fees would put an unbearable burden on poor students
red dice

Random occurrences changed my life

Even careful decisions do not always determine your academic or professional journey
Open road

My journey to achieving my goals

An international postgraduate student in the UK shares her journey towards achieving her goal of making a difference in Nigeria.
Student on a journey

Finishing studying…and starting again

Getting back into academic study can be a difficult decision. A postgraduate researcher guides you through her own experience and thought process.
Fa Yuen Street Market in Hong Kong

Do you need to know Chinese to study in Hong Kong?

An Indonesian student in Hong Kong explains what you can and cannot do without knowing the local language, Cantonese