The University of Cambridge

World Reputation Rankings 2017: life at the University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge ranks among the top five most prestigious universities in the world. Lili Bidwell explains how her expectations of the university were overturned

Student in Paris

International perspective: a Vietnamese student in Paris

Moving from Vietnam to Paris to study was one of blogger Xuan Bach Chu's best experiences 

International students Budapest

International perspective: a Filipino student in Hungary

Benjamin Jance, a Filipino student at the Central European University in Budapest, reflects on his time there

London, westminster, parliament, government

How can young people be encouraged to vote?

Fewer and fewer young people are turning up to vote despite appearing more engaged in politics, writes James Sloam

Jikei University Medical Centre student staff ratio

Student life at a medical university with a high staff-to-student ratio

The Jikei University School of Medicine sent students a questionnaire asking them how having a high staff-to-student ratio affects their learning. Here are a selection of the answers

University of Nebraska Medical Center

University of Nebraska Medical Center: learning in the lab and on the ward

Working in a hospital setting and in a traditional university helped Kasturi Banerjee gain a well-rounded insight into her research

Beyonce university fees

The celebrities using their money to pay students’ university tuition fees

Celebrities have been funding students’ university tuition for years by setting up scholarships. But recently, spurred by social media, more and more celebrities seem to be taking a more direct interest in their fans’ education

international students and social media

How international students use social media to choose a UK university

Students across the world are using social networking sites to research and choose their college