How to manage your perfectionism at university

In her student blog, Camilla at the University of Sussex takes inspiration from Natalie Portman to help you build up academic self-worth
Free speech

Universities should stick up for the underdog

Free speech at university isn’t a one-size-fits-all, argues Lu Allan.
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Studying in Asia – Hong Kong or Singapore?

Compare universities in Hong Kong and Singapore and discover the different opportunities if you want to study in Asia.
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Five steps to eating well at university

Tips for planning, shopping and cooking your meals while juggling courseload and budget.
Diverse graduates

Diversifying academic hiring helps minority students

Creating a diverse teaching staff at university provides ‘possibility models’ so students can feel their dreams are realistic
Thumbs up

German students don’t worry too much about university reputation

German students probably wouldn't want to pay tuition fees to boost the reputation and quality of German universities, says a student blogger.
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Our education would benefit if we had less choice, not more

The benefits of being forced to study things outside our comfort zone – according to an English literature graduate.
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The National Student Survey gets student satisfaction wrong

The National Student Survey is essential, but a disappointment. A final year student at University College London explains why