Ada College - women in tech

Women in STEM: ‘I hope that one day the tech sector will be more diverse’

Specialist digital skills college Ada College has inspired blogger Chayann Bradford to encourage other girls to consider careers in technology

Studying for an MA in video games

Studying for an MA in a new and unusual subject

Focusing on research in video games is both exciting and uncertain, as few scholars have pursued this path before, writes Hugh Hammond

Most festive universities of 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year and universities are getting into the festive spirit and sharing it across social media 

Christmas in Australia

Trading America for Australia: It’s too hot to feel like Christmas

In 25ºC heat, Acacia is finding it hard to find any Christmas spirit, but hopes that heading home to snowy Minnesota will do the trick 

Most popular articles of 2017

Top 15 most popular student articles of 2017

We reveal the top stories on THE Student in 2017 including general election coverage, TEF results, and university country and subject guides

PhD Diary: the romance vs the reality of the PhD

PhD diary: The romance versus the reality of a PhD

Doing a PhD isn't just about lounging around, reading books and discussing intelligent ideas. Charlie Pullen sheds light on some of the harsher realities of research work

Students in dorm room

Going to university with cerebral palsy

Having cerebral palsy has not stopped blogger Chloe Tear from making the most of going to university, even if her experience is not a typical one

Going to university with autism

Going through university with autism

Aged 25, Ben Booth is not a typical undergraduate university student, but he has finally found the course and career path that works best for him