cancer research PhD student.

Women in STEM: undertaking PhD research in cancer

Despite not having a master's degree, Grace McGregor was able to follow her passion and carry out PhD research into understanding cancer cells

Brits in America: Harvard freshman Convocation

Brits in America: Ordering ‘chips’ is a very different thing here

This month Raphaëlle recounts her first two weeks at Harvard University – from taking new classes, regular late night pizza and seeing those iconic red cups

Going to university with dyspraxia

Going to university with dyspraxia

After a dyspraxia diagnosis at university, Victoria Sweet was able to find support to help her get through the aspects of learning she found more difficult

Australia, Sydney, University of Sydney

Trading America for Australia: my mother sent me to study 9,000 miles away!

Moving to Australia from the US to pursue a veterinary science degree was a quick and easy decision, writes Acacia Cordes

Being the first in the family to go to university

Being the first person in your family to go to university

Being the first person in your family to go to university can feel daunting, says Charlie Pullen, but researching and asking for advice can help you

A level Results Day

A level results day: going through adjustment

If you end up getting higher grades than you expected, you may want to go through adjustment to find a different university. It certainly worked for one University of Sheffield student

University application form

A level results day: a vice-chancellor's guide to clearing

Mike Thomas urges students to keep calm and take advantage of the clearing process if they miss out on their expected exam results

Sutton Trust US programme

Brits in America: From Dundee to New York

Supported by the Sutton Trust, Bonnie MacRae was able to achieve her dream of attending university in New York and will be blogging her university experience for Times Higher Education