Keeping anorexia at bay while at university

Keeping anorexia at bay while at university

Hope Virgo’s story of beating anorexia while at university could help other students in the same position

Doing a PhD, doing politics

PhD diary: doing a PhD, doing politics

As a PhD student, Charlie questions how he can get involved in politics outside the realm of his research


Brits in America: vlogging a day at Harvard University

Follow Raphaëlle as she takes you around Harvard University, showing you her favourite library and sharing her classes, before heading into Boston to explore art galleries

London Venture Crawl

London Venture Crawl: encouraging entrepreneurship in students

The London Venture Crawl provided more than 200 university students in London with the opportunity to learn about the different business opportunities in the city

What it is like at an international student fair

What it is like at an international student recruitment event

University fairs are a great way for students to discover universities in other countries and to find out more about studying abroad

University of Manchester

Student Experience Survey 2018: ‘At over £9K a year, is a degree worth it?’

Six students from universities across England and Scotland share their views on their courses, facilities, lectures and more

An international student in Perth, Australia

International perspective: a Zambian student in Australia

Zambian student Mwape Mulumbi decided that heading to Australia would be her best option for developing her career

From India to the UK: a survival guide for international students

As an Indian student studying in the UK, Arya Sharma has compiled a survival guide for her fellow international students