The highlights of my time as a Chinese University of Hong Kong student

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a strong sense of community, and offers students the opportunity to host international events and study abroad programmes, says John Liu Hin Lok
International travel

The benefits of an international placement during your degree

Placements abroad used to be a ‘nice to have’; I’d say nowadays they are a ‘must-have’ says one British student studying in Australia
Young scientist at work in laboratory

Women in STEM: stories from MIT students

Women are still under-represented on STEM degree courses. Three female students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology speak about their experiences in male-dominated subjects
Kangeroo road sign in Australia

Making meaningful connections at a small university

The "numerous disadvantages" associated with a smaller university are utterly untrue says Alice Ringelstein
University of Neuchatel small university

A cohesive student community

Attending a small university makes it easier to arrange social activities and societies, says University of Neuchâtel student Stéphanie Musy
University of Bozen Bolzano

Small universities - international or provincial?

More and more students are understanding the global employments prospects that a small university can offer, says Oswin Maurer

Why is going to a small university beneficial?

Better and more personalised feedback is a key component of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences' success
University in Pisa

A small university steeped in history and culture

Going to a smaller university may not be as fun as a larger university but the rich history and culture at Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa makes up for it