Business people waiting to attend job interview

How to secure a place on a graduate scheme

Are you thinking about applying for grad schemes and are concerned about just how competitive it might be? These tips will help you to stand out from the crowd 

The cost of studying at a university in the US

The cost of studying at a university in the United States

This guide outlines the cost of fees, accommodation, lifestyle and financial assistance options if you are planning to study in the US

student publishing house

How to set up a student publishing house

The University of Central Lancashire has set up the first ever student-led publishing house – and has provided some advice on how it achieved this

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Nine truths about student nursing

Student nurses are totally different from students of other subjects. Student nurse and blogger Laura Zito provides some tips on how to get through lectures and placements

Debunking the myths about university

Busting the myths about university

There are many things that people assume about university and many of them are simply not true. Blogger Holly Brandon helps to uncover some of these myths 

Guide to studying abroad

Studying overseas: guide to Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA

Students looking to study in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US will need to do some extensive research to find the best place for them. This short video provides the key details to help you decide

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9 things every international student should know about Australia

Top tips to help foreign students in Australia apply and navigate university life

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How to become a lawyer

There are several paths that you can follow to pursue a legal career, but here we break down the simplest ways to go about it