How to achieve your potential and get a place at university

YouTube vlogger Ryhan offers his tips to help students fulfil their goals and get into university, even if they don’t think they can.

March 4 2016
Ryhan Hussein vlogger

Student vlogger Ryhan Hussain turned his life around to get a place studying medicine at Durham University. Now he makes YouTube videos to help other students achieve their best grades and push forward on their journey to university. 

He says: “I come from an area in Newcastle upon Tyne that is classed as one of the most deprived in the country. I attended a state school, and didn’t really think I’d be in university right now.

“I strolled through school not taking it seriously until I reached my GCSEs. I then achieved one of the highest GCSE results in the year, which gave me a boost and motivated me. I decided I wanted to do medicine, so I started working towards that and now I'm in my first year of medicine at Durham University. My A-level results, combined with my medicine offers from Durham, King’s College London and Newcastle University, gained me a few scholarships and grants.”

Watch his top tips below:

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