Ton Duc Thang UniversityEnvironmental monitoring and Assessment center (EMAS center)

Environmental monitoring and Assessment center (EMAS center)


Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Center (EMAS center) is an organization affiliated with TDT Technical Services Co., Ltd. of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU), which was established and put into operation on July 1, 2017 to carry out activities such as: monitoring natural resources and the environment for research, application, implementing technology transfer and providing technical and professional services in the field of natural resources and environment, as well as contributing to joint environmental protection.

EMAS Center has been accredited by the Bureau of Accreditation (BoA), Ministry of Science and Technology to certify ISO 17025: 2005 (VILAS 1100) and the Vietnam Environment Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, awarded the Center certification for environmental monitoring services (VIMCERTS 220).

In addition, EMAS Center produces research and conducts technology transfer activities.

With the motto of Prestige - Quality - Efficiency. EMAS center desires to be the first organization that customers choose when using environmental services.



  • Human Resources

Human resources at EMAS Center are native or foreign Master or Doctoral Degrees holders who have strong theoretical and professional skills from the specialized faculties of Ton Duc Thang University. The team of experts and staff at the Center has many years of experience in measurement, analysis and sampling activities that are constantly improving; in transferring technology to improve the accuracy of the tests with the aim of supporting customers; and in always being ready and dedicated to bringing the highest satisfaction to customers upon request.

  • Facilities - Equipment

One of the strengths of EMAS Center is its equipment. EMAS Center invests in state-of-the-art, specialized equipment with high precision, ensuring fast and accurate sample quality analysis requirements, and minimizing analysis errors. Technical equipment for physicochemical and microbiological laboratories are equipped synchronously, meeting domestic and international standards, and are capable of meeting service and scientific and technological activities.

EMAS invested over VND 2 billion for the ICP –AVIO200 Plasma atomic emission system and more than VND 4 billion for the 7890B gas chromatography system, which is one of the most modern spectrum analyzing equipment.

Besides equipment for physical and chemical analysis, the Center has also built a laboratory exclusively for microbiological analysis. The microbiology room is fully invested with equipment as well as a system of rooms that strictly comply with the conditions of microbiological analysis. The rooms are equipped with UV light system, passbox receiving separate samples, separate room partitions to avoid cross-contamination between areas to analyze microbiological criteria such as E. coli and Coliform .. on many water samples.

In addition to analysis in the laboratory, EMAS Center with its fully equipped field equipment- such as, emission measuring devices (testo 350), multi-indicators, DO, pH, ozone, temperature, humidity, wind speed meters (TESTO, and other sampling equipment- is confident in its ability to meet the needs of customers in monitoring services, taking samples and making quick field measurements for a variety of sample platforms such as water samples (surface water, groundwater, sewage, rainwater, underground water ...), air samples and soil samples, mud, sediments, etc.



With a team of employees, professional testers and very new and modern equipment, EMAS Center is confident to have enough strengths in services, such as:

- Environmental Monitoring

  • Analyzing, sampling, quickly measuring at the site on the sample ground (soil, water, air, ..)

- Consultation:

  • Giving consultation for making environmental monitoring report; environmental impact assessment report, environmental protection plan and other environmental documents as prescribed; developing options / scenarios to cope with climate change adaptation;
  • Making a register of waste generators, hazardous wastes, discharge reports, reports on underground water exploitation;
  • Consulting, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining waste water-supply systems and water supply and drainage systems in and out of buildings;

- Training:

  • Providing in-depth training in environmental protection activities for environmental managers in localities / businesses with certificates issued by Ton Duc Thang University;
  • Opening intensive training courses on environment protection as ordered.

- Besides, EMAS Center also promotes the development of the enterprise market in the direction of sustainable development associated with scientific and technological activities. EMAS researches and develops:

  • management tools and solutions, science, technology and techniques in preventing and controlling sources of environmental pollution.; reducing pollution, improving environmental treatment techniques in labor and environmental quality and living conditions of people;
  • protection solutions associated with climate change adaptation; biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of ecosystems;
  • a system for evaluating and recognizing technologies and products that have positive applicability and effectiveness in environmental protection. 

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