Soochow UniversityPlatform Construction and Scientific Research Achievements

Platform Construction and Scientific Research Achievements

Scientific research and teaching platforms 

The College of Textile and Clothing Engineering currently has four national-level scientific research platforms and multiple provincial-level platforms 

National platforms include the following: 

  • The National Engineering Laboratory for Modern Silk; 
  • The National Engineering Centre for Silkworm Cocoon Industry; 
  • The National Demonstration Center for Experimental Education in Textile and Fashion Design; 
  • And the National Teaching Centre for Virtual Simulation of Experiments in Textile and Clothing Engineering.  

Provincial platforms include the following: 

  • The Technology Transformation Platform for Cocoon and Silk; 
  • The Textile and Silk Technology Research Institute (under the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute); 
  • Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Silk, Suzhou Silk Technology Development Center; 
  • Jiangsu Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction and Cleaner Production Technology Engineering Center for Textile Printing and Dyeing industry.  

Besides, CTCE has 3 national and provincial engineering centers and 2 key laboratories for textile industry which are jointly established with enterprises. In addition, the college pays much attention to University-Enterprise cooperation, and currently has 75 provincial postgraduate workstations established in connected enterprises. 

Scientific research team and achievements 

The CTCE has 7 scientific research teams, the main research directions include  

  1. research and development of advanced functional fiber materials (differentiated fibers, nano fibers, biomass fibers, etc.); 
  2. design and development of new yarns and fabrics; 
  3. ecological dyeing and finishing technologies (dyeing and printing with natural dyes, waterless dyeing, transfer printing, digital printing, etc.); 
  4. research and development of functional textile products; 
  5. research on fashion design and production management systems; 
  6. design and development of protective fabrics and clothing; 
  7. silk protein based biomedical materials, etc. 

In the past five years, the college has undertaken more than 50 national-level projects including National Key R&D Program of China, National Science and Technology Major Project, National Science and Technology Support program, etc., obtaining governmental research funding of more than 40 million yuan276 national invention patents and 3 scientific research achievements at provincial and ministerial level, and having published 420 peer-reviewed papers.  

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