Ton Duc Thang UniversityAdvance institute of materials science (AIMaS)

Advance institute of materials science (AIMaS)

AIMaS, a TDTU's research institute founded in 2017 from gathering of 8 research groups in various aspects: Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science. These are strong research groups led by distinguished and world-class experts. Our director is dynamic scientist. He accepted to serve as the Director of the AIMaS when it has just established and he is grateful for given this precious opportunity to serve the community.

AIMaS is carrying out world-class research activities, taking advantage of our top-class faculty members and research facilities and equipment. Those activities have concretely resulted in various positive outcomes including adoption and execution of advanced research projects with competitive funds and grants from the government and other organizations. AIMaS is becoming among top institutes in Vietnam in terms of the number and amount of funds of cooperative and contracted research per faculty member. Therefore, only after a year of operation, AIMaS has successfully become a well-respected member of the worldwide science community.

We welcome all excellent Researchers from all over the world to visit the AIMaS exchange scientific knowledge through seminars, lectures and conference meetings, and to conduct collaborative projects with local scientists and staff. We also have the postdoc scholarships for the young researchers. The detail of program was introduced at here:


Research and develop sciences and technologies as an excellence and comprehensive research institute to create source knowledge and technologies and conform operations to global standards.

Implement medium- and long-term national projects for the development of science and technology.

Attract excellent research institutes and foster technology transfer projects for national and international research cooperation among Universities, and research institutes.

Cooperate in R&D with government, the private sector, corporations, and organizations and provide or commission technical services.

Train and develop global human resources, take an active role in Vietnam and the world, and pursuit research for the resolution of social issues in a multidisciplinary environment.


In the future, AIMaS must become a institute in which the world lays its eye upon, by offering the best conditions for both of research and education, and becoming the envy of the academic world, not only within Vietnam but all over the world through the institute’s achievements. To develop its excellence further, AIMaS is building top-level research centers called Excellent Cores to carry out effective and intensive investment in research.

AIMaS will design the needs-oriented training program with its integrated graduate institute approach, and create an environment where graduates, with their master’s or doctoral degrees and the intellectual toughness they developed at AIMaS, will be able to take core active roles in all fields and throughout the world.

Please go to the website for more information about our activities and achievements.

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