InstaPAP detects cervical and uterine cancer in real time

A multidisciplinary team of engineers, doctors and biomedical engineers joined forces to create InstaPAP, a technological platform specialized in cervical and uterine cancer detection. 

By Julio Martínez

InstaPAP, is a technological solution that contributes to the detection and prevention of cancer of the cervix and uterus, with this innovation tissue retrieval is not needed, so examination is less invasive and uncomfortable for the patient; instead of using a brush to remove cells as it is traditionally done with Papanicolaou tests, with InstaPAP short measurements of light are made and results are shown immediately.

Cervix cancer is the first cause of death in women in reproductive ages in Mexico, so it is expected that InstaPAP technology will help detect and prevent this problem.

“It is worth mentioning that cervical cancer is completely preventable, but detection and prevention methods currently in place in Mexico are not adequate, so instaPAP is here to change the game: it is an innovative and friendly technology, and results are immediate and confidential”, mentioned Ricardo Alvarado, gynecologist, colposcopist and obstetrician who also performs as clinical advisor at InstaPAP.

The founding team of InstaPAP is comprised of Dr. Jesús Seáñez, who is a biomedical engineer and holds a PhD in Information Technologies by Tecnológico de Monterrey; Dr. Seáñez is a co-founder of ONKO Solutions; Héctor Torres is co-founder and CEO of ONKO Solutions; as well as Ricardo Alvarado, gynecologist, colposcopist and obstetrician, who serves as clinical advisor to InstaPAP.

“InstaPAP uses three types of main technologies, an electrical one that injects a small shock and measures how tissue reacts to it; the more advanced cancer is, the weaker the resistance to the electrical shock. Secondly, InstaPAP sends a very specific beam of light, and then measures its rebound; the more advanced the disease is, the greater the rebound of light. And thirdly, InstaPAP uses intelligent algorithms that analyze the aforementioned information while offering a result in real time”, said Jesús Seáñez, co-founder of ONKO Solutions.

InstaPAP platform is one of the first technologies focused on detection of cervical cancer, but in fact this technology can be used to diagnose many other diseases such as colon, skin, anus or mouth cancer, among many other illnesses.

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