Macau University of Science and TechnologyEnvironmental Research and Pollution Control Technology Development

Environmental Research and Pollution Control Technology Development

Environment is the basic premise of human survival and development, and provides the necessary resources for human survival and development. As long as human society moves forward, the environmental problems will exist.

1.  MERI Introduction

Macau Environmental Research Institute (MERI) is the only research institute focusing on environmental research and pollution control technology development in Macau, and is becoming the key research institute in Macau University of Science and Technology, and Pearl river delta Regions. MERI is equipped various advanced analysis and test instruments, including GC-MS, Precision electronic balance, and Ion Chromatograph, etc, and can meet the requirements of various teaching and research projects. Currently, MERI recruits about 30 master students every year. 


2.  Cooperation and Project

We have established full-scale academic communication and cooperation with research institutions around the world, e.g. Tsinghua University, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences, Wuhan University, Shenzhen University, University of Southern Denmark, so on.

Now, MERI also undertakes and participates in some local (FDCT), national (13th "Five-Year" Technology Support Programs, National Nature Science Foundation) and international (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Science &Technology Cooperation Program of China) projects.

MERI attends the Fourth National Climate Change Assessment Report - Hong Kong and Macao Special Report at M.U.S.T.


Research work on Consultative project supported by Chinese Academy of Engineering


Attending the e-waste recycling trial project National (13th "Five-Year" Technology Support Programs)


Environmental survey in FDCT project


3.  Publications:

Since established in 2015, we have obtained rich research results (more than 50 SCI papers and two book chapters), and the highest impact factor (IF) of paper (Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review) is up to 10.556.


4.  Master students in Lab



5.  Site visit in some environmental protection facilities

Visiting in Macau MSW Incineration Plant

Visiting in Macau Special and Hazardous Waste Treatment Center

Visiting in E-waste Recycling Company



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