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Understanding Digital Society

Digital innovations are reshaping our society, economy, culture and lifestyle. Their ability to impact – and potentially advance – all aspects of our society cannot be overstated, resulting in a need for vigorous interdisciplinary research, from the application of digital innovations to benefit our daily life to a thorough understanding of the relationship between digital advancement and society.

City University of Hong Kong 

A sample of City University of Hong Kong’s digital technology research projects

Multidimensional data is an important part of “big data”, which is a buzzword for the unprecedented development of internet and communications systems, and computing and mobile devices in the digital era. While big data promises great potential, the fundamental mathematics and computing concepts are still being actively developed and hotly debated.

Professor Hong Yan, chair professor of Electrical Engineering, is leading research investigating mathematical models and computer algorithms for a computing model – tensor computing – and its application in multidimensional data analysis, and image and biomedical data analysis. One of his projects uses biomedical data to look into the causes of drug resistance in lung cancer patients with the aim of personalising treatment.

In the digital age, privacy, trust and security are some of the key concerns for online activities and platforms. Researchers from the department of computer science at CityU are leading a collaborative research project, which includes experts from other universities in Hong Kong, to develop new security and privacy-enhancing technologies for cloud storage to enable users to search encrypted data, verify results from data analytics and safely access cloud services.

Academics from the department of information systems are undertaking research related to blockchain technology, extending its applications beyond banking and financial services, from encrypted keyword searches to information security in the food supply chain system. 

CityU scientists are conducting interdisciplinary research to understand the impact of digital technology on society. Dr Ayoung Suh, a social scientist in the School of Creative Media and the department of information systems, is exploring how people’s virtual experience using media technologies affects their attitudes, thoughts and behaviours, such as “nomophobia” – the anxiety of being without a mobile phone.

City University of Hong Kong 

The first data science school and research institute in Hong Kong

In response to the increasing demand for data scientists and engineers, CityU launched the School of Data Science and the Hong Kong Institute for Data Science.

The first such freestanding academic unit focusing on data science in Hong Kong, the SDSC serves as a campus-wide educational resource, fostering collaboration and training high-calibre students from data science-related industries.

The HKIDS serves as a hub for joint research to tackle challenging issues in data science.

These initiatives reflect CityU’s strategic development to meet the demands of a data-driven economy now and in the future.

City University of Hong Kong

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